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  • Repairs & Customisations

  • Here at TLGS we're a one-stop shop for all things guitar-related!

    From full set-ups to string changes, when it comes to getting your instrument playing to the best of its potential we've got you covered!

    Looking to make your instrument truly your own with some modifications? Whether it's a pickup change, pot swap, refret or even a full-on nitro refinish- we can do it all!

  • Price List

    Set up (electric/acoustic/bass)- £50.00 + strings

    Set up (electric w/ Floyd Rose)- £60.00 + strings

    Restring (electric/acoustic)- £10 + strings

    Restring (electric w/ Floyd Rose)- £15 + strings

    Restring (bass)- £15 + strings

    Supply/fit bone nut (£35.00) + strings

    Supply/fit pots- £15.00 per pot

    Supply/fit pickup selector switch- £35.00

    Supply/fit jack socket- £15.00

    Fit machine heads (no routing)- £25.00

    Fit machine heads (routing)- £50.00

    Fret dress/crown/polish- £120.00

    Refret maple neck w/o lacquer incl. nut- £200.00

    Refret maple neck w/ lacquer incl. nut- £250.00

    Refret rosewood neck incl. nut- £200.00

    Refret neck w/binding incl. nut- £250.00

    Refinish Fender-style body- from £250.00

    Refinish Fender neck- £150.00

    Pickup rewinds

    Strat/Tele style single coils- £45.00

    P90- £50.00

    Humbucker (one coil)- £45.00

    Humbucker (both coils)- £60.00

    P/Jazz Bass style- £45.00

    Hand Wound Pickups 

    We launched our range of hand-wound pickups at the end of February 2011. Each is created one at a time, with care, in our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We have demo guitars fitted with most models of pickup so you can test and choose the ones for you.

    Whether it's late 60's-style Strat pickups, overwound P90's, or a T-Top-style humbucker, we can wind them to your exact specs as you chase the sound in your head!

    Strat pickups- £65.00 each, £180.00 per set

    Tele pickups- £70.00 each

    Humbuckers- £80.00 each (open), £100.00 each (covered)

    P90- £75.00 each

    If you're unsure as to what kind of wind/magnet/wire you'd like, we're happy to discuss and spec up the perfect pickup for you!


    If you're looking for more specific mods for your instrument, by all means bring it in and we shall give you a quote. We are able to source parts, or you may supply the parts yourself and we shall carry out the job for you!

    All setups/modifications are paid for upon completion.

  • Check out some of the modifications we've done for customers recently! Whether you've a headstock break that needs repairing, pickup cavities filling-in in prep for a full refinish, or even a Les Paul you fancy giving the Mick Ronson treatment- we do it all!

  • 295421029-588326112996966-4256003728164649218-n

    Installing Varitone switches on 335's is one of our most popular modification requests recently- it really opens up the possibilities of these gorgeous guitars!

  • One of our dearest customers, Gary, simply loves his Tokais- so we had this bridge cover installed and engraved with a 'T' rather than an 'F'- it looks absolutely fantastic!
  • Headstock breaks are never a welcome event, but don't worry- we can repair and refinish so that you'd never know they occured! Check out this repair done on an Epiphone LP.
  • We can wind pickups to your specs- James had these Firebird pickups built to the same spec as the Johnny Winter signature set, and they sounded fantastic!