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  • New Arrivals

    Updated July 20th

  • Gibson Les Paul Tribute satin Tobacco Sunburst

    These Tributes give you all the LP punch at a fab price for a USA-built Lester! Maple top and neck (quite unique),  a pair of alnico-II 490 pickups, a rounded neck profile somewhere between 50's and 60's spec, lovely Kluson 'vintage' keystone tuners, and a sweet black leather-esque softcase to top it all off! Excellent condition with minimal signs of use, and includes baby photo and paperwork/strap.

    USED £ON HOLD for Jimmy

  • Gretsch Electromatic G5230T Broadway Jade Metallic

    A little stunner! Chambered mahogany body, powerful Blaktop Filter'tron pickups, a Bigsby for all your wiggley needs, and a stunning custom metallic finish. There is one ding on the back that was there when the owner bought it, but it is in otherwise very good condition. Private sale. 

    USED £375.00

  • Fender Vintera series 1 60's Jaguar

    The king of surf! With it's 24" scale and metal-claw singlecoils, the Jag has a tight, percussive sound. Perfect for garage, indie rock and wiry, splashy surf tunes. This vintage-inspired model has 60's specs, such as a 7.25" board, the darker rhythm circuit, and the world's smoothest trem system. Near-mint condition with Fender gigbag. Private sale. 

    USED £750.00

  • Epiphone Casino MIK Unsung Factory

    These Korean Epi's are highly regarded- fantastic feeling, with wonderful neck profiles in particular. This beautiful hollow body has been upgraded with Kluson tuners and black straplock buttons, and features and ABR-1-style bridge and 2 versatile dog-ear P90's that have been rewound and had new bobbins by Cat Whisker. Whether it's blues, jazz or good old rock 'n roll, you can't go wrong with a Casino! Great condition for it's age (approx early 2000's), and includes the original tuners and an Epiphone hardcase. Private sale. 

    USED £750.00

  • Tokai LS132 Black Beauty Japan

    This Tokai Japan LS132 is an incredible guitar at the fraction of the price of its bigger-name counterpart. Impeccable Japanese build quality, and the cloth wiring, full-sized pots and PAF Mk-2 pickups all result in a fantastic playing and sounding guitar. Long-tenon neck, full mahogany body- this is a proper LP. Good used condition with some tarnishing to the gold hardware. Private sale.

    USED £1495.00

  • FGN Japan Masterfield MSA-HP-C

    A truly stunning piece from Japan- slightly scaled-down body somewhere between a Les Paul and 335 in size, lacquer ebony finish, ebony board, alnico 3 humbuckers, maple back and top with mahogany sides and centre block, the innovative CFS allowing perfect intonation anywhere on the board, Gotoh hardware, and a lovely hardcase. These models are sleepers- the quality is absolutely top-notch.

    NEW £1995.00

  • Levinson Blade RH15 Golden Brown Burst

    These Indonesian Blades are incredible- mahogany body with a spalted maple top, locking tuners, the incredible VSC (an on-board EQ/boost), splittable humbucker, semi-satin finished neck, tapered neck joint- just excellent specs throughout. A versatile and awesome-feeling instrument, in great condition and includes a non-original Tweed hardcase. 

    USED £895.00

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's 2022

    A stunning Tobacco Burst Lester with a fat 50's profile neck! Alnico II Burstbuckers, gorgeous flamed maple top, ABR-1 style bridge- the essential singlecut! Excellent used condition with minimal signs of use, and includes the hardcase and all the candy. 

    USED £1895.00

  • Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Texas Tea

    The most advanced take on a Strat yet- unique, skim 'modern D' profile on a semi-satin maple neck, 10"-14" compound-radius fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets, S-1 switch adds the neck pickup in to any switch position, rolled fretboard edges, 2-point trem, locking tuners, noiseless pickups- an absolute powerhouse for the discerning performer. Excellent condition w/ OG moulded hardcase. 

    USED £ON HOLD for Jay

  • Marshall 1958x valve combo

    A handwired, UK-built beauty! With a 2x10 speaker configuration based upon aged Greenbacks for a smooth, rich sound, the 1958x is a gorgeous low-mid gain amp- serving up rounded, full cleans and biting, clear overdrive all from a simple configuration. With 4 inputs over 2 channels, and a beautiful tremolo on channel 2, this 18w combo is perfect for clubs and the studio- not needing to be too cranked to get those tubes cooking. Great used condition, and includes retrofit cover and footswitch. Private Sale.

    USED £1295.00

  • Marshall Origin 20C

    A rockin' combo with it's roots firmly in vintage Marshall voicings. The purist, single-channel tube combo works with a 20W EL34 power amplifier and a 1x10-inch Celestion V-Type speaker configuration. Although it is based on the legends JTM45 and JMP Super Lead 1987 in terms of sound, it offers contemporary features such as a master control, a boost function and an effects path. It comes directly with a footswitch that can switch the boost and the effect path. Excellent condition.

    USED £350.00

  • Roland Jazz Chorus 22

    Honey, I shrunk the Jazz Chorus! Cute and capable-  a 30 watt stereo combo with two 6..5" speakers loaded into it's tough chassis to retain the quality stereo image of the famed Chorus effect. This amp has one channel and features a great sounding reverb to go along with the chorus, achieving an extremely lush and distinctive sound. Two inputs on the front open things up for either sharing the amp with another player, using stereo effects in the front end or hooking up devices like modellers. The back is equally useful: there's an effects loop and a line out for opening the amp up to more uses, whether it's DI'ing the amp for live use and recording or adding more processing to your sound after the preamp stage. Excellent condition.

    USED £295.00

  • Lots and lots of pedals!

    We've had a whole small-boat load of pedals come in- all in excellent condition, and with boxes where photograped!

    Warus Audio Julia/Monument/Slo/Fathoms - £150.00 each

    EHX Electric Mistress- £85.00 / Op-AM Muff- £55.00

    Thorpy FX Camoflange- £SOLD / Fat General- £140.00

    Hudson Broadcast Dual 'Joe's Pedals' edition- £145.00

    Ramble FX Twin Bender fuzz- £SOLD

    Stomp Under Foot Rams Head fuzz- £140.00

    Boss DD8 delay- £110.00

    Keeley Caverns delay & reverb- £ON HOLD

    Tru-Fi Rangemaster treble booster- £130.00

    Nobels ODR-1 mini OD- £50.00

    Harley Benton ISO-12 power supply- £60.00

  • Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo 2024

    Just beautiful-  gorgeous Jetglo finish, classic lacquered rosewood board with dot inlays and some sweet figuring, 2 'hi-gain' pickups that have just the right amount of bite and body, the iconic 'R' tailpiece- it's all here! A true jangle-pop icon and with good reason!

    NEW £2599.00

  • Fender Player Stratocaster w/'Gilmour' mods

    A fab Strat made even fabber! A trio of upgraded Seymour Duncan SSL-5 pickups-  the Custom Staggered is a special overwound single-coil that strikes a great balance between increased output and classic Stratocaster tonal character. It will deliver bigger, fatter chords, and will cut through the mix more clearly than a traditional Strat pickup. Otherwise, a black plate, locking Hipshot tuners, and a gorgeous Fender hardcase. The tremolo bar seems to be a replacement and doesn't screw in too far, but replacements can be easily found if this bothers you. Great overall condition. 

    USED £SOLD Graham scooped me up!

  • Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Ronson'd Les Paul Custom

    This LPC has been given the Ronson treatment by us here at TLGS- stripping the top to leave the natural mahogany exposed, and also been given a whole overall- with House of Tone 'True PAF' pickups + wiring loom, and Gotoh hardware throughout. The open-book headstock and ebony board on these IBG models really is the cherry on top. A wonderful Les Paul, whether you're a Bowie fan or not! Great condition, and includes an Epi hardcase. 

    USED £795.00

  • Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Dot

    A Britpop icon- more or less a more utilitarian ES335, with the dot inlays and Cherry finish giving total 60’s vibes, fab sounding Epiphone Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers, Epiphone Deluxe tuners and a Graph Tech NuBone nut. Fantastic condition with minimal signs of use. Includes a very nice Epiphone hardcase.

    USED £395.00

  • Fender American Performer Stratocaster

    A wonderful modern Strat- fab sounding Yosemite pickups, semi-satin LPB finish, big old CBS-style headstock, 9.5" radius with lovely rolled fretboard edges- just a superbly-built, comfortable Strat! Excellent condition, with plastic film still on, and includes Fender gigbag.

    USED £995.00

  • Martin Road Series D-10E

    These Mexican-built Martins are fantastic quality- This solid wood Dreadnought model is a great sounding guitar at an affordable price. New to this model are stunning mother-of-pearl pattern fingerboard and rosette inlays with a multi-stripe rosette border. It has an FSC® Certified Richlite® fingerboard and bridge, satin finish body, and a hand-rubbed neck finish. Also new to this model is the Martin E-1 electronics package with a built-in soundhole tuner so you can tune up any time without using a pedal. Includes the premium 'softshell' case, and it is excellent condition.

    USED £795.00

  • Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar Olympic White

    Just ask our James and he'll tell you these are the best guitars Fender has ever made... but no matter whether or not you agree, the versatility and ergonomics of this fab signature model can't be denied! 2 low output Bareknuckle pickups that are designed to be moulded by whatever effects you run, a thin nitro finish that has aged wonderfully- all creamy with plenty of wear, 2 seperate hi-pass switches and series/parallel options for thicker tones, and a medium-C profile based on one of Johnny's favourite '65 models. This one was supposedly owned by his guitar tech- includes a very cool AAA pass! Plenty of dings but plays and sounds incredible, and includes the original blue-lined hardcase. 

    USED £1895.00

  • Fender American Vintage II '63 Telecaster

    A beautiful Tele from the 2nd run of one of Fenders most celebrated series! Narrow-spaced 'clay dot' inlays, round-lam 7.25" radius rosewood board, Pure Vintage '63 pickups with plenty of twang and warmth in the bridge and neck respectively, gorgeous nitro Sunburst finish, 3-saddle bridge- this is one hell of a Telecaster! Excellent used condition with minimal signs of use, and includes the original hardcase and candy. Private sale. 

    USED £1650.00

  • Ibanez JEM77P Blue Floral

    These JEMs aren’t known for their subtlety! Absolute shred-machines, with the famous Wizard profile on the 5-pc maple/walnut neck, adorned with the ‘Tree of Life’ inlay on the maple board, the Edge-Zero II locking tremolo, DiMarzio pickups- Gravity Storm neck and bridge pickups and an Evolution in the middle, and a 5-way switch for a whole bunch of stunning tones. Good used condition with typical signs of use, and includes a gigbag. Private sale.

    USED £899.00

  • Martin 00-15M lefthanded

    These solid-mahogany-bodied Martins are simply gorgeous- full, rich sounds with a wonderfully subdued top-end. A satin finish keeps the cost down on this one, and gives it a vintage feel- perfect for singer-songwriters and fingerpickers! Excellent used condition- the neck has glossed up nicely due to use, and comes with the original hardcase. Private sale.

    USED £1295.00

  • Takamine NV360S 'Speciality Shop' Japan

    A stunning dreadnought- impeccable Japanese build quality, Solid Bear Claw Spruce top, Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard, and beautiful abalone detailing. A gorgeous acoustic that will only get better with age, and includes the Takamine hardcase. Private sale. 

    USED £1595.00

  • Epiphone Thunderbird Pro- 3 models each upgraded/refinished by TLGS

    Take your pick! Each of these Epi Thunderbirds have been upgraded and refinished in nitro custom colour by us here as TLGS- including filling the bridge pickup route, upgrading the pot and electronics, and installing new pickups (Mojotone in the Cardinal Red model, Lollars in the Pelham Blue and Inverness Green models). They look absolutely stunning, and with the bones being as good as they are on these models, are all now incredible sounding and playing basses! As the nitro finishes are thin, there are dings here and there on all models, but they will age wonderfully. And each one includes an Epi hardcase! Private sale. 

    USED £795.00 EACH (Pelham Blue on hold for Tom)

  • Gibson Les Paul DC Tribute

    These doublecuts are pure punk machines- thanks to the pair of raunchy P90s, a solid wraptail bridge, and a satin Worn Brown finish. A nice slab of mahogany that can scream with the best of them! This one has plenty of dings and some wear to the finish, as well as a replaced knob, but plays fab and includes the original Gibson 'paddleboard' gigbag.

    USED £795.00

  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster w/ Custom Shop Pickups

    Something nice for the southpaws here- a gorgeous Strat in stunning Mystic Red metallic finish, with Custom Shop Fat 50's pickup from stock! All the usual modern specs otherwise- 9.5" radius board, 2-point tremolo, and all the dependibility you'd want from a Strat! Excellent used condition, and includes all the case candy, a spec sheet, and a very nice moulded Fender hardcase. Private sale. 

    USED £1295.00