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    Updated August 5th

  • Gibson EB-0 bass 1972

    Some serious low-end from this 30.5" scale badboy. In 1972 Gibson made some changes to this model- the pickup was moved further towards the bridge for a brighter sound, and the necks became maple rather than mahogany. The 'mudbucker' sounds huge on this model! Would you believe it, the original colour was Cherry, as you can see on the neck! Of course there's plenty of playwear all over- it's certainly seen a life! Includes a non-original hardcase.

    USED £1250.00

  • Tanglewood T15 LTD electro acoustic

    Another great-value electro acoustic here- solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, 1-piece mahogany neck, and the fab Fishman Presys preamp. Some incredible specs for the money!

    NEW £599.00 £495.00

  • Tanglewood TSP 15 SD HB electro acoustic

    A fantastically affordable electro acoustic from one of our favourite brands! Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, Techwood fretboard and the versatile Fishman Presys preamp make for a real solid instrument- it rings out clear and detailed.

    NEW £649.00 Our price £549.00

  • Gibson Midtown Standard 2015 

    A short-lived model that straddles the line between Les Paul and 335! It seems the Robot tuners have been replaced with Schallers, which is just what's needed to make these 2015 models fantastic bang for your buck! Burstbuckers handle gain and clean wonderfully, and the 60's slim taper neck is nice and familiar. Some signs of use, but plays excellently- and you don't see too many of these about! 

    USED £1395.00

  • Fender American Performer Mustang Vintage White

    Another 24" beauty, this time built in the USA and with some nice modern features- 3-pay pickup switch rather than the faffy little switches, an improved trem system, and a wonderful, slim neck with rolled edges and a 9.5" radius. This is a joy to play, and the Yosemite pickups are lovely and clear, and really complement the woodiness that the shorter scale gives it. Immaculate condition, and includes Fender gigbag.

    USED but mint £850.00

  • Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC Worn Brown

    These always fly out the door, and with good reason! The added versatility of the neck pickup turns this from a punk-rock powerhouse to a real all-rounder. The satin finish makes this comfortable as hell to play, and all the lovely p90 growl is there in spades. There's a few marks from being played, as happens quicker on these satin finishes, but it's a real peach otherwise! Includes Gibson 'paddle' gigbag.

    USED £750.00

  • Fender Offset Series Duo-Sonic 2019

    Harkening back to the original 50's student models with its Desert Sand finish and anodized gold scratchplate, this 24" scale-length beauty plays absolutely fabulously, with its semi-satin neck and 9.5" radius maple fretboard being a breeze to fly up and down. 2 single coil pickups are glassy but bold, and it sounds a lot bigger than it looks! Excellent used condition.

    USED but near mint £375.00

  • Roland Bolt-60 valve combo (late 80's/early 90's)

    A fab and affordable 2-channel valve amp from Roland, with a lovely clean channel, grinding OD channel with pre- and post-volume controls, and a sweet spring reverb! It uses uses a pair of 6L6s for the power section, and one 12AT7 as a phase inverter (PI) tube. The preamplifier section itself is entirely solid state, making for a fantastic, clear clean channel. Takes pedals very well on the clean channel, and can be tamed for home-use or cranked for a gig! Some signs of wear, but recently serviced and sounding great!

    USED £245.00

  • Tokai UES178 Teaburst MIJ

    A gorgeous example of a Japanese 335-type, and in stunning used condition! The teaburst finish really gives the figure within the maple some life, and it's goes wonderfully with the block markers. The neck on this model is slightly slimmer than the newer examples, making it a joy to play! PAF mk.2 pickups, Gotoh hardware- it's all there! Includes OHSC.

    USED but mint £1695.00

  • Gibson SG Standard 2014

    There's no going wrong with a good SG, and this one has all the classic specs before robot tuners and the like started their ugly reign. 490r/498t pickups, the slim 60's profile neck- it's a rock machine! There's some signs of wear, but it's in overall excellent condition and includes the OHSC.

    USED £995.00

  • Rickenbacker 330 1996 Fireglo

    The most iconic Ric of all (we'd say)! Used by Britpoppers, shoegazers and punks across the world, the 330 is a raucous thing- don't be fooled by it's upstanding aesthetic! The 'hi-gain' pickups have a snarl to them somewhere between a p90 and a mini humbucker, perfect for powerful rhythm, but the secret is in the 'blend' knob- allowing you to dial the neck pickup in for that classic Ric jangle when in the middle position. One small ding and some lacquer checking near the bottom, but in otherwise excellent condition, and includes a modern-day 330 Ric hardcase with key, polish cloth etc.

    USED £2000.00

  • Fender Blues Deluxe made in USA

    A fantastic gigging amp- a loud 40 watts, gorgeous clean channel (with a tone stack more akin to a Tweed), lovely spring reverb and a nice, clear gain channel. This one is an older USA model, there's some wear to the tolex as expected but it's in good condition otherwise and sounds fantastic!

    USED £595.00

  • Eden EC28 bass combo

    A fantastic sounding 180W combo! Loud, portable and with a fab EQ section- Bass, Mid, Mid sweep and Treble, and even a versatile compressor with level control. It also contains 3.5mm jack socket (MP3), Balanced XLR output, 1/4" headphone jack socket, Effects loop, External speaker output, 1/4" tuner out. Great condition!

    USED £250.00

  • Fender Lead I 1980

    Now this is a rare little beast- the Lead series were endorsed by the likes of Elliot Easton and Steve Morse, and were favourites of Roger Miller and Bono. They were introduced as high quality, USA-made student guitars but have an appeal all of their own! The v.1 has a very unique Seth Lover designed pickup that allows you to use it as a regular humbucker, each coil independently, or in series for an even fatter tone. It's remarkably versatile- there's Tele/Strat/LP sounds to be found within! The neck is a nice, full U profile, and the dark rosewood board feels gorgeous. There's some checking to the finish, but it's in great condition for it's 42 years of age!

    USED £1000.00

  • Gibson ES330 VOS Memphis Series Custom Shop 2012

    Absolutely stunning! The fully-hollow ES330 is a favourite of blues players, jazzers, and even indie rockers. Laminted maple body and mahogany neck with a wonderful, mid-60's profile that's neither to fat or too slight. The P90's have that gorgeous, midrange gruny and warmth- the construction of the guitar allowing them even more dynamism and versatility. Maybe not the best choice if you're turning up and dialing up the gain, but for everything else it's simply stunning. Excellent VOS condition (a nice patina straight from the factory). Includes bridge pickup spacer, COA booklet, and case. 

    USED £3500.00