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    Updated December 4th

  • Fender American Nashville B-Bender Telecaster 2002

    A rare and unique USA-made Tele that will make you tip your cowboy hat and say "yeehaw"... possibly. The b-bender system was developed by Gene Parsons and Clarence White to allow guitar players to play pedal-steel style licks by having the ability to mechanically bend the b-string by pulling up/down on the strap button. It's an ingenious system that is rarely seen on production models. With a 5-way switch and Texas Special middle pickup, you can get Strat-esque sounds out of this beauty also. The scratchplate has been replaced with a gorgeous paisley-style one, but otherwise it's all stock. There's a few dings here and there, and some usual finish checking on the fretboard/neck, but otherwise it's in great condition and includes a Fender hardshell case.

    USED £1700.00

  • Roland Jazz Chorus 40

    The sound of the 80's in a portable package! The clean tone of the JC series is a classic for a reason- so pure and glassy, and the reverb/chorus/vibrato mean you can get lost in it for days! This one's in excellent condition, including cover and manual.

    USED £475.00

  • Gibson ES330 1965 

    Now here's one hell of a piece- a simply stunning '65 ES330 in incredible condition- they don't come much nicer than this! It's been extremely well looked after- we honestly think this may be on of the cleanest on the market right now! It has a non-original bone nut and the nylon saddles have been replaced with stainless steel ones, but the original nylon ones are included! The case is non-original also, but is a cracking one nonetheless! It's setup to perfection- frets in great condition, sounds incredible with those dog-ear 90s, and it's ready to try right here in our shop!

    USED £5750.00

  • Blackstar 200 Series One valve head

    A versatile monster of an amp! 6 channels/voices ranging from clean to full-on firebreathing monsterous gain, powered by 4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, & 4 x KT88. The cornerstone of the Series One design is the two patented circuits: the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone control circuit and the DPR (Dynamic Power Reduction) power reduction system- allowing you to mix Brit/USA voices and dial in the perfect level of power. Internally these are made to withstand the rigours of the road- and it's certainly reassuringly weighty. Excellent condition.

    USED £900.00

  • Fender Vintera 60's Road Worn Stratocaster 2021

    An incredible feeling and sounding- and looking- Strat from the highly regarded Vintera series! Authentic-looking relic job to the nitro Lake Placid Blue finish, slightly hotter 60's-voiced pickups that are perfectly balanced, and a smooth- rounded neck with 7.25" radius that's a delight to play! Why fork out for a Custom Shop model when you can grab one of these for 1/4 of the price? Excellent condition w/ gigbag and tags.

    USED £795.00

  • Suhr Bella valve combo w/ reverb

    A simply gorgeous-sounding amp that's a nod to the classic Fender cleans we all know and love, with a tad more flexibility than those vintage amps!  Powered by a duet of 6L6GC power tubes that deliver either 22 or 44 Watts of Class A/B power, the Bella incorporates stunning spring reverb, a 3-way bright switch, a presence knob and a boost switch. A superb pedal platform that really grinds when you crank it! Good condition, bar a couple of small nicks in the tolex, and includes cover and footswitch.

    USED £1995.00

  • Epiphone '56 Goldtop- Unsung factory

    A fabulous p90 LP from the fabled Korean Unsung factory! For the price these really pack a whallop- 2 raunchy pickups, mahogany cap, and the quintessential 50's finish! Great build quality on these older Epiphones, this one's in good used condition with only slight signs of playwear, and the finish is aging nicely!

    USD £495.00

  • Marshall TSL100 & JCM900 4x12 Cab

    A Marshall for all seasons- having 3 independent channels (Clean, Crunch and Lead) puts amazing control, flexibility, and tone variations at your fingertips. From sparkling clean to full-blown Marshall roar, this all-valve 100W head delivers it all. Each channel features its own volume, gain, and EQ. Master controls include tone shift for beefing up tone at low volumes, Accutronics spring reverb, effects loop mix control, speaker emulation DI circuit for silent recording, virtual power reduction that gives you a glorious, saturated power amp feel without cranking it up to 10. Cab houses 4 Celestion G12 75's- perfect for that classic, gainy Marshall sound! Both are in good used condition.

    USED TSL100- £495.00, 4x12 cab- £275.00

  • Hughes & Kettner Puretone 25w PTP-wired head

    This monster of a head lets nothing get between you and your tone- just one channel with 3-band EQ, a volume control, and selected superior components. This disciplined approach yielded one of the world's most responsive and articulate amps. And if you feel the EQ gets in the way, simply dial it out by using the Growl knob. Puretone pumps out far more volume than you'd expect from a 25-watt amp sporting two EL34 tubes. Hence the two-stage powersoak that lets you enjoy the aural rapture of a Class A power amp breaking up without blowing out your eardrums. Excellent condition.

    USED £995.00

  • New in- British Pedal Company fuzzes & Rangemasters!

    To look at and play you'd think these were N.O.S- but they're  brand new, faithful handmade recreations of the 60's classics! From the rare Buzzaround to the legendary Tonebender, these British-made pedals are boutique in every sense of the word. We've got both the Vintage and Compact series in, pictures and prices below.

    MK1.5 Tonebender- £239.00 // Professional MkII Tonebender OC81D- £239.00 // Professional MkII Tonebender OC75- £239.00 // Buzzaround- £279.00 //  Rangemaster- £189.00 // Compact Rangemaster- £179.00 // Zonk Machine- £229.00

  • Burny Super Grade RLG-55

    Got an appetite for a bargain? This Burny Super Grade RLG-55 ticks all the rock-boxes: hot, kickin’ humbuckers, fast neck, sweet flame top, and a fab hardcase to boot. MIC and the build quality punches way above its £450 price tag! Good condition with minimal signs of wear, and includes hardcase.

    USED £450

  • Tokai ULS132S GT

    A gorgeous '65 style LP! Fantastic chunky 50's neck, maple cap, proper full-size pots and incredible sounding p90's. Classy and raunchy all rollled into one! Brand new w/ hardcase

    NEW £SOLD Keith is driving me home for Xmas

  • Shine double neck 12/6 string semi

    Twice the fun! A jangly 12-string and Grestch-inspired 6 string in one. A larger piece, as expected, but plays fantastically and has a real growl to it! Excellent condition w/ case

    USED £ON HOLD for Dave