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  • Tokai Japan Guitars

    We've knocked down all our new Tokai's- have a browse at our fab selection below.

  • Tokai LS129 GT

    The classic Goldtop- beautifully extravagant yet understated all at once. All the fab specs of the other Tokai LP models- mahogany body, maple top, PAF mk. 2 pickups, a lovely 50's profile neck, and top quality Gotoh hardware.

    NEW £1697.00​ £1430.00

  • Tokai UES158 2016 Natural w/ Lollar Imperial pickups

    It's no secret that we adore Tokai's- and this 335-style beauty just got even sweeter with the addition of 2 Lollar Imperial humbuckers- PAF style pickups that sound clear as day! All the incredible Japanese craftmanship is on full display here, with the stunning natural maple top having some wonderful figuring. Excellent condition with OHSC and original pickups too.

    USED £1795.00

  • Tokai ULC136 WR

    A gorgeous cherry-red Custom singlecut with the perfect craftmanship we expect from Tokai Japan! PAF mk. 2 pickups, full mahogany body for a thick, powerful sound, a nice 50's profile neck and proper ABR-1 style bridge. This one is NOS so grab a bargain!

    NOS £1495.00

  • Tokai TTE118 Blonde

    Another knockout Tele from Tokai! Gorgeous blonde finish- just check out that grain! Fattish neck- somewhat of a U profile but not unwieldy. However, this one is notable as being particularly resonant- it rings out unplugged with all sorts of wonderful overtones- just fab! Brand new w/ Tweed hardcase

    NEW £1375.00 £1170.00

  • Tokai UES180 Candy Apple Red Japan

    Another fantastic semi from Tokai Japan! Metallic Candy Apple Red finish, PAF mk.2 pickups, comfy 50's profile neck, and just the usual immaculate build quality you'd expect! Brand new w/ hardcase

    NEW £2295.00​ £1950.00

  • Tokai LC136SW

    Whether it's Randy Rhoads, James Dean Bradfield or Justin Hawkins- the beauty and power of a white LP Custom cannot be denied! Much like its darker brethren these have maple caps, chunky necks, rosewood boards, the gorgeous multi-ply binding and a fat tone to die for! We've got several of these in, all at slightly different weights, so enquire within if you have a preference.

    NEW £1899.00 £1615.00 (3 in stock)

  • Tokai LS136F

    Wow! Just check out the bookmatched flame top on these Cherry Burst LPs! A 'burst is a thing of beauty and these are no exception. All the fabness we've come to know and love- 2-piece flame maple top, PAF mk.2 pickups, full size pots, substantial 50's neck. Get your 'burst on!

    NEW £1799.00 £1530.00 (3 in stock)

  • Tokai UTJ122 SYW

    This double-cut just screams rock 'n roll! One raunchy sounding p90 to get the job done, lightning-rod tailpiece for good intonation, and a chunky 50's profile, unbound neck that can take a pounding. It's utilitarian but feels absolutely fantastic and looks sweet in its TV Yellow finish. These are rarely seen, and we were so taken that we had to order a couple more (due in soon). Includes Tokai hardcase.

    NEW £1671 £1425.00

  • Tokai LS129 VF1

    All the typical top-tier Tokai specs here on this fantastic LP! We absolutely love these gloss finishes- the plain tops really look fantastic and the burst is tastefully subtle. Maple top, PAF mk. 2 pickups, and that fab Tokai hardcase.

    NEW £1697.00 £1445.00 (2 available)

  • Tokai Japan AJM 140 Sunburst

    A new model from Tokai Japan, ash body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, alnico pickups and extremely good build quality (as you would expect from Tokai Japan) Plays very well and sounds great.A fabulous three-colour sunburst

    NEW £1295​ £1197.88