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  • Rickenbacker

  • Rickenbacker 480 w/ Bigbsy '79

    You don't see these around often! A very unusual Ric- taking cues from their basses, but with a bolt on neck. The high-gain pickups are bright and snappy- much like mini humbuckers in tone. This one has been modded with a Bigsby that works superbly, the bridge is missing one original hex-screw, and it seems a strap pin was installed in the back that snapped off, leaving the screw in the body. However, it plays incredibly- with those lower frets and flat profile that makes Rics so great for rhythm. Includes non-original hardcase. 

    USED £2500.00

  • Rickenbacker 330 Midnight Purple ltd. edition

    An extremely limited run of one of the coolest finishes we’ve ever seen on a Ric! It’s pearlescent without being too sparkly- very alluring, and with the anodised black hardware it’s truly a sight to behold! The lacquered ebony fretboard is mirror-like- an unbelievable sheen to it, and acoustically this one feel a lot more alive and resonant than many we’ve had. Plugged it it’s everything from post-punk roar to alt-rock jangle, the high gain pickups are far more versatile than their name implies. Brand new with OHSC and candy.

    NEW £2999.00