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  • Fender, Squier & Gretsch Guitars

  • Gretsch Electromatic Streamliner

    We love these affordable Gretsch models! All the aesthetic beauty of their MIJ brethren but at a far nicer price-point. The Bigbsy wobbles wonderfully, and the Gretsch Broadbucker humbuckers have a clarity that works wonderfully with the semi-hollow nature of the guitar. Spruce centre block for taming feedback, and a wonderfully slim profile neck. Excellent used condition.

    USED £350.00

  • Fender Coronado II reissue

    A fairly rare reissue from the short lived 'Modern Player' series- the Coronado II is Fender's take on a 335-style guitar, but the 2 Fideli-tron pickups give it a bite and twag more akin to Gretsch, and the alder centre block ensures you won't be having runaway feedback issues! The super cool 'F' tailpiece and that slightly more bulbous headstock are a nice throwback to the original models of the 60’s, and the black 3-ply plate is included with the non-original hardcase, Great condition too, with a non-original hardcase!

    USED £725.00

  • Fender American Original 70's Telecaster Custom

    The AO series add a 9.5" radius and Vintage Tall (6105) frets to classic models for a slightly more modern-feeling take on some well-established classics! With the newly reissued genuined CuNiFe neck Wide Range neck pickup being clear as a bell, and pairly beautifully with the classic snarl of the Tele bridge pickup, this blonde beauty is certainly versatile! And with the build quality and nitro finish making it far sturdier and lighter than it's 70's inspirations, you could say they've outdone themselves! Near-mind condition with OHSC and candy.

    USED £1695.00

  • Gretsch G6119T-ET Players Edition Tennessee Rose

    The most playable Gretsch yet! The Japanese-built Players series offers some modern appointments to make these classic hollow-bodies more suited to todays playing styles. FT-67 Filtertron pickups that are perfectly clear yet fat, a comfortable 'U' neck with rolled edges on the gorgeous roswwood board, and a Bigsby that works perfectly with the cigar-style bridge- solid as a rock! A thinner body means these are far easier to wield than most of their models- all the vintage cool without the negative idiosyncracies! Near-mint condition with original hardcase and paperwork.

    USED £1795.00

  • Fender Stratocaster 1979 3-tone sunburst

    It doesn't get more 70's than this! X-1 pickup in the bridge, gorgeous sunburst that's aged to a lovely greenish hue on the outer layer, that CBS headstock, and a rather reassuring weight. Plays incredibly well- a nice slim profile and a fast maple board. Excellent condition considering its age, and includes a non-original hardcase.

    USED £2495.00

  • Squier Japan Silver Series Stratocaster early 90's 3-tone sunburst

    These Japanese Squiers have become sought-after due to their fantastic feeling, satin-finished necks and Gotoh hardware, and just being built to the kind of high quality you expect from Japan! This one is in great condition bar a few small dings to the lower bout, and is very 70's looking with its black plastics.

    USED £595.00

  • Gretsch 5236-T Pro Jet

    Very flash and sounds gutsy as hell. These older Pro Jets are of superb quality- this one feels very much like a decent LP in weight, but with a great punch from the Gretschbuckers. In used condition, with a few marks on the front and back of the headstock.

    USED £495