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  • Fender Stratocaster USA Deluxe HSH 2013

    A fantastically versatile and contemporary Strat here- roller nut, noiseless N3 pickups nestled between 2 fab sounding humbuckers, S-1 switching system, 2-point tremolo, sculpted neck heel and locking tuners. This one's all about high performance! And it's in near-mint condition with the moulded hardcase and paperwork/strap.

    USED £1495.00

  • Fender Highway One Telecaster refin nitro

    The Highway One series were fantastic USA-built Tele's with slightly hotter pickups and a some modern features- like the 9.5" radius board. We've popped on a replacement Fender bridge and scratchplate. This one's have a gorgeous nitro refin in Seafoam Green, and is ageing wonderfully with some nice lacquer checking. Plays great, looks fab- just a fantastic US-built Tele! Includes a tweed hardcase.

    USED £895.00

  • Fender 50th Anniversary USA Stratocaster 2004

    This wicked commemorative Strat features a trio of noiseless pickups, abalone inlays on a 9.5" maple board with rolled edges, S-1 switching to get those Tele-esque tones, gold-plated hardware, 2-point trem, locking tuners, scuplted neck heel and a gorgeous 50's-inspired 2-tone Sunburst finish. Vintage flavour with modern playability! Good used condition with a few dings here and there, and includes the OG hardcase. Private sale.

    USED £1495.00

  • Fender Classic 60's 'Rosewood' Telecaster w/ mods

    A George Harrison-style Tele that's had the Nashville treatment- with a middle pickup added and switches to bring that pickup in all positions and another switch for phase. A great, versatile Tele. There's a few chips to the finish here and there, and some lifting to the lamination near the bottom on the front- player's grade! Includes a nice but fairly worn Tweed hardcase. Includes a selection o scratchplates, including the black original should you wish to restore it to factory aesthetics

    USED £695.00

  • Fender American Performer Stratocaster Lake Placid Blue

    A wonderful modern Strat- fab sounding Yosemite pickups, semi-satin LPB finish, big old CBS-style headstock, 9.5" radius with lovely rolled fretboard edges- just a superbly-built, comfortable Strat! Excellent condition, with plastic film still on, and includes non-original Freestyle black-tolex hardcase.

    USED but mint £995.00

  • Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Ultraburst

    The most advanced take on a Strat yet- unique, skim 'modern D' profile on a semi-satin maple neck, 10"-14" compound-radius fingerboard with 22 medium-jumbo frets, S-1 switch adds the neck pickup in to any switch position, rolled fretboard edges, 2-point trem, locking tuners, noiseless pickups- an absolute powerhouse for the discerning performer. Excellent condition w/ OG moulded hardcase. 

    USED £1595.00

  • Fender FSR Player Series Stratocaster 2019

    A gorgeous Special Edition Shell Pink Strat- with some modern features like the 2-point trem, 9.5" radius and awesome sounding alnico-5 pickups. These Player Series guitars are like hot-rodded MIM Standards- perfect for the gigging player or someone looking to add to their arsenal on a budget. Excellent condition.

    USED £495.00

  • Fender AVRI '72 Telecaster Custom 2016

    You don't often see these 2016 '72 AVRI models come up- and this one's been fully Keef'd out with a bronze 6-saddle bridge, a refret with stainless steel, and a proper vintage WRHB in the neck position. It's certainly had a life- there are plenty of dings all over, however it plays fantastically and sounds just awesome! Includes the original Wide Range-style pickup, and a non-original hardcase.

    USED £1695.00

  • Squier Classic Vibe 70's Starcaster Walnut

    Like the lovechild of a Tele Deluxe and an ES335, this idosyncratic model was Fender's attempt at a semi-hollow style guitar back in the 70's- reissues here with Wide Range-style pickups, and a TOM/tailpiece combo for improved tuning stability. Wonderfully slim neck on this- a real breeze to play! Good used condition with typical signs of play-wear.

    USED £325.00

  • Fender FSR Rustic Ash American Standard Stratocaster 2013

    A striking 'cookies 'n 'cream' style Strat- with a gorgeous lightweight Ash body in Trans Olympic White, Texas Special pickups, aluminium pickguard, semi-satin finish to the back of the neck, and the typical USA standard appointments such as 2-point trem and 9.5" radius fretboard. Not only is it a killer playing Strat, but it's one hell of a looker too! In great used condition, with OHSC and paperwork.

    USED £1395.00

  • Fender Player Stratocaster HSH

    A souped-up Strat that takes no prisoners! One of the most versatile 3 pickup models around, with positions 2 and 4 giving you the inner and outer coils of the bridge and neck humbuckers respectively, dedicated tone controls for the neck or middle/bridge, a semi-satin neck with a gorgeous 9.5” Pau Ferro fretboard, and the classic and stable 2-point trem. Excellent used condition w/ OG Fender gigbag- this one really hits way above its price point!

    USED £575.00

  • Fender Stratocaster 1979 3-tone sunburst

    It doesn't get more 70's than this! X-1 pickup in the bridge, gorgeous sunburst that's aged to a lovely greenish hue on the outer layer, that CBS headstock, and a rather reassuring weight. Plays incredibly well- a nice slim profile and a fast maple board. Excellent condition considering its age, and includes a non-original hardcase.

    USED £2495.00