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  • Assorted US, UK & EU-made models

  • Heritage H550-ASB Kalamazoo 1998

    A gorgeous 17" semi-hollow inspired by the prestigous L5- built in Kalamazoo like the old Gibsons! Ebony board, split-block inlays, Schaller hardware and pickups, gorgeous nitro autumn sunburst finish with a very fancy flamed pickguard, 3-piece maple neck- a jazzers dream! Excellent used condition, and includes OHSC and paperwork.

    USED £2500.00

  • Taylor T3/B Ebony 2009

    A rare and super-cool electric semi from Taylor- built in the USA! From the horse's mouth- "Inspired by both the T5 and the SolidBody, with the T3 Taylor take the classic semi-hollowbody sound and apply signature Taylor design touches. Pickups are Taylor humbuckers, blended with a unique coil-splitting application to give players killer humbucker and single coil sounds in one guitar. The T3B features a metal roller bridge paired with a bigsby." Excellent used condition w/ OHSC.

    USED £1895.00 £1695.00

  • Hofner President w/ Bigbsy 1955

    Made famous by George Harrison and distributed in the UK by Selmer, these Hofners were once seen in dancehalls across the country! This one is in fantastic condition for it's age, and has some very cool features we've not seen before- just check out the thumbwheel-adjustable pickups! It plays great- these baseball bat necks become familiar far quicker than one would initially expect. Includes non original hardcase.

    USED £995.00

  • G&L ASAT Bluesboy USA 'Lemon Drop'

    A fantastic take on the 'Fat' Tele, with a warm, thick humbucker in the neck position married with a snappy, loud and clear MFD bridge single coil! Ash body, 9.5" radius, and the top craftmanship we've come to expect from Leo Fender's innovative years. Excellent used condition w/ OHSC.

    USED £1095.00 

  • G&L Comanche USA 

    The last of Leo Fender's designs, the Comanche takes the Strat and kicks it up a notch- no 60-cycle-hum from these split-design MFD Z-Coil pickups, which offer overall improved string balance and power, the PTB passive EQ system for careful balancing of tone, a gorgeous rosewood board and semi-satin neck, and that deep Lake Placid Blue finish. An innovative yet familar design. Some signs of use, such as a tiny ding in the neck, but in overall good used condition w/ OHSC.

    USED £1050.00

  • G&L ASAT Classic Alnico Custom Order 2012

    This New Old Stock model is from the days we were a G&L dealer- and it's got some fantastic specs. As a launch models for more classic-spec'd build to come, it sports an incredible sounding pair of alnico pickups- pure vintage in tone and feel. The Autumn Burst finish is easy on the eyes, and the 12" radius on the 'Classic C' neck make bends a breeze- without it feeling overtly modern in vibe. See spec sheet for more details- a killer Tele! Includes all the case candy etc.

    N.O.S £1295.00

  • G&L SC-3 1986

    Possibly the pinnacle of Leo Fender's Strat design! Ebony board, nitro finish, 7.25" radius, incredibly stable 2-point tremolo, and 3 articulate yet powerful MFD single coils- giving you a lot more punch but whilst retaining what makes the SSS setup so great. A nice, slim neck that's fast to play, and that verty sweet matching headstock. For a vintage US-built Strat this is a bargain! There's a few touchups and dings to the finish, but it's in overall good condition and includes the OHSC with 1 broken latch.

    USED £995.00

  • G&L ASAT Classic USA

    Leo's finetuned take on the Tele- MFD pickups provide all the clarity you need, but never harsh, whils the 6 saddle bridge makes setting up a breeze. Satin finish night and a beautiful white finish. Includes gigbag.

    USED but mint £800.00