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  • Assorted US, UK & EU-made models

  • G&L SC-3 1986

    Possibly the pinnacle of Leo Fender's Strat design! Ebony board, nitro finish, 7.25" radius, incredibly stable 2-point tremolo, and 3 articulate yet powerful MFD single coils- giving you a lot more punch but whilst retaining what makes the SSS setup so great. A nice, slim neck that's fast to play, and that verty sweet matching headstock. For a vintage US-built Strat this is a bargain! There's a few touchups and dings to the finish, but it's in overall good condition and includes the OHSC with 1 broken latch.

    USED £995.00

  • Tom Anderson Classic S 1995

    A high-end, boutique monster- a finely tuned Strat with the kind of playability one only finds in the highest end instruments. Brazilian rosewood board, 3 vintage-voiced pickups with a master tap switch that brings down the output/winding count on each pickup, compound radius, gold-plated hardware, and replaced tuners- now has locking Sperzels. An incredible playing experience- truly top notch. In excellent condition w/ hardcase. 

    USED £2295.00

  • Taylor T3/B Ebony 2009

    A rare and super-cool electric semi from Taylor- built in the USA! From the horse's mouth- "Inspired by both the T5 and the SolidBody, with the T3 Taylor take the classic semi-hollowbody sound and apply signature Taylor design touches. Pickups are Taylor humbuckers, blended with a unique coil-splitting application to give players killer humbucker and single coil sounds in one guitar. The T3B features a metal roller bridge paired with a bigsby." Excellent used condition w/ OHSC.

    USED £1895.00

  • G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 Custom order

    Another custom order from us to G&L- this time combining the best bits of a thinline Tele and a racous Bluesboy model! The neck p90 is gorgeously creamy, whilst the bridge MFD pickup is hot and mid-focused- more modern sounding but whilst maintaining clarity. The Blackburst finish looks incredible on the Swamp Ash body, whilst the 12” radius, ebony board and matching headstock really come together to make this a really unique piece! Near-mint condition w/ OHSC and COA.

    USED but mint £1895.00

  • G&L ASAT Classic Solamente Butterscotch

    An incredible feeling and playing USA-built gem! 'Solamente' means 'only' in Spanish- as in only one pickup. The alnico pickup here is vintage-voiced- a gorgeously clear pickup that has a lot of detail and sparkle! Single pickup guitars always sound slightly better in our opinion- something to do with the lack of extra magnetic pull from another pickup perhaps... Anyway, this awesome Esquire type has a 12" radius on the one-piece hard rock maple neck- perfect for bends! As far as Tele's go, this one is absolutely killer. Includes hardcase, COA, spec sheet etc. 

    N.O.S £1495.00

  • G&L ASAT Classic USA

    Leo's finetuned take on the Tele- MFD pickups provide all the clarity you need, but never harsh, whils the 6 saddle bridge makes setting up a breeze. Satin finish night and a beautiful white finish. Includes gigbag.

    USED but mint £800