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  • Various Japanese Guitars

  • Ibanez Talman TC539 made in Japan

    A unique and fantastic playing offset/Strat hybrid from Japan! 'Resoncast' body (composite of resin and alder sawdust), Kent Armstrong-designed lipstick pickups, a fantastic 2-point TZ100 tremolo, and Gotoh tuners on a maple neck with a 12" radius rosewood board. This thing is utterly sublime-feeling, and has all the classic quack of a Strat with a hint more edge thanks to the unique pickups. Great used condition, with a few dings here and there, and includes the original (we believe) hardcase.

    USED £795.00

  • Blade Private Reserve Texas Custom '62 3-tone sunburst/Ebony

    Another one of the incredible batch of Blades we've had come in- all handbuilt in Japan. Nitro 3-tone 'burst/ebony finish, 8.25" radius rosewood board on the 1-piece hard rock maple neck,  Alder body, stainless steel trem block, Yuta custom pickups, pickup blending options, vintage C neck profile, oiled bone nut- just absolutely top class in every way! Includes Blade tweed hardcase. We have one 3-tone sunburst and one ebony- both hand-rubbed nitro that will age beautifully.

    NEW £2999.00

  • Avon Marauder Japan 1975

    Manafactured in the 70's by Ibanez for  Rose Morris, a pretty dead-on clone of Gibson's take on the Tele Custom! Bill Lawrence-style pickups that go from fat to wiry, mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck, volute, all the specs of the Marauder. This one is pretty much all original- the decal has been replaced with a correct-style, newer replacement. There's a fair amount of wear on the body, lots of nicks and dings and a pretty big chip on the lower bout, but it plays great and has all that utilitarian mojo you'd expect. 

    USED £475.00 


    Fantastic modernised Tele-style guitars from the Fugijen factory! Their unique Circle Fretting System offers improved intonation due to a 90 degree crossing on the fret of each and every string- very clever. Other features include a compound radius on a rosewood fretboard, Gotoh tuners, splitable neck humbuckers, and contouring for comfort. These feel incredibly high quality- as to be expected from Japanese instruments, and are simply fantastic for the price! We have 2 colours in- Burgundy Metallic and Classic Black, and they include gigbags.

    NEW £549.00

  • Blade Delta Custom '52

    Incredible Tele-style build from Japan- full nitro finish on the 2-piece Sen Ash body and 1-piece maple neck, 8.25" radius, Wilkinson bridge with intonatable saddles, YUTA custom pickups, adjustable string tree, sunken neckplate with tapered hell for easier higher-fret access. Vintage-inspired with some modern features- a truly fantastic instrument! Includes a very nice Tweed hardcase.

    NEW £2999.00