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  • Miscellaneous FX

    We have even more pedals in-store- but see some of the highlights below!

  • Mad Professor Super Black Preamp and Overdrive / Royal Blue Overdrive

    Turn any amp into a Fender Blackface! Super Black is an amp-in-a-box pedal that will deliver the punchy, mid scooped and sparkling chimey clean tone that Fender Blackface amplifiers are famous for. What's more, with bass and compression switches, and a Sweet Honey overdrive circuit built in, this thing is simply dripping in tone! The Royal Blue overdrive is an extremely touch sensitive overdrive. It offers wide range of tones from light overdrive into distortion and at lowest Distortion knob setting works as an EQ. It can also be used to create tube amp-like crunchy  ‘strike hard for distortion’ effect. There is not much filtering on the overdrive, to provide transparent tone that you can tailor with both the Treble and Bass controls.

    NEW SB-£249.99 // RBO- £179.99

  • Friedman IR-X Preamp/DI

    An absolutely incredible tool for DI recording, ampless gigs, turning a clean amp into a fire-breathing monster etc. The Friedman IR-X dual-channel tube preamp is an entire Friedman rig in a compact pedalboard-friendly package. Powered by two high-voltage 12AX7 preamp tubes, each channel delivers the harmonic richness and touch response of Dave Friedman’s finest designs. DSP IR cabinet/power amp simulation sends a studio-quality mic’d-up tone to your DAW or Front-of-House. The IRX provides easy-to-use controls without complex menus and 100-page manuals.

    NEW £499.00

  • Vintage Peavey DSC-4 / CSR-2

    2 rather rare beasts! The Digital Stereo Clock Chorus can get wild when ran in stereo, with 2 independent rates to play with, and the CSR-2 can get as squashy and squelchy as you like! Both good condition for their age, and including the boxes- very cool!

    USED £100.00 EACH.

  • Various Boss pedals

    From vintage to modern, we love Boss pedals here- they're robust, sound fantastic, and play nicely with nearly everything you throw them between! Some say that at the end of days there will be only 3 things surviving- cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Boss pedals. Check out this nice selection we have- from the obscure to the relatively new Waza series. 

    AW-2- £80 / EH-2- £85 / PQ-3B- £185

  • Ibanez FL9/AD9 vintage Japanese analog pedals

    Pure analog tone from Ibanez japan! The FL9 is a wonderful flanger with great versatility thanks to the 4-control layout, and the AD9 is one of the absolute classic analog delays. Both in very good condition and work fantastically. 

    USED FL9- £145.00 / AD9- £SOLD

  • Various Pedals (used)

    We've had a fair few awesome pedals come through recently- we don't add every pedal to our online store (there are far too many!), but here's a selection of our most recent haul! See photos for condition- if a box is included it'll be in the photo. As always, feel free to come along and try any you like- the kettle is always on!

    Vertex Steel String- £140 ​

  • Brelliot pedal protoype / TODP

    Mad pedals from the Birmingham legend that is Brelliot Amplifers. These are prototypes, so the only ones of their kind!

    From the man himself-  "The TODP is a toolkit of distortion and overdrive. It ranges from smooth germanium diode crunch to transparent tube distortion sounds, via some rather tasty silicon and LED clipping options.

    Its internal chain is: drive -> clipping / control -> tube -> recovery amp; any or all of these can be made to overdrive." (Black pedal is now sold- go right for the white/green TODP)

    TDOP- £200.00 

  • TC Electronics Nova Modulator (£150) 

  • British Pedal Company fuzzes- hand-built to incredible vintage accuracy!

    Tone Bender mk 1.5- £239 // Tone Bender (regular box)- £170 // Zonk Machine- £229 // Buzzaround- £329

  • Source Audio Ultrawave Multiband Processor

    The Ultrawave Multiband Processor embarks on a pioneering journey into the advanced potential of overdrive and tremolo, exploring a brave new universe of sounds yet unheard. At the Ultrawave’s core is a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach known as multiband processing. This process splits the frequency spectrum of a guitar, bass, or synthesizer into multiple, discrete frequency bands and equips each band with its own array of adjustable parameters. In the case of overdrive, the Ultrawave splits the incoming signal and provides separate drive and output level controls for each individual band. The result is a thick and rich distortion with loads of unique overtones and dynamic interplay. Split the signal into 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, or 10 frequency bands, and apply any of the band splitting options to an exciting collection of overdrive types, including Tube, Diode, Foldback (a method of distortion often heard in the world of synthesizers), Octave Up, Negative Flip Diode, and more. ​Plug in, turn up, and explore the wonders of multiband processing built on over a decade of refinement and experimentation

    NEW £254.00

  • Source Audio Luna Phaser

    A versatile modulation machine from the genuises at SA.The Lunar Phaser offers three styles of swirling stereo phase modulation. Choose from Vibe - a thumping Uni-Vibe effect, Classic - a resonant and creamy 4-stage phaser, and Multi - a highly animated, yet smooth and satisfying 8-stage phaser. Explore the sonic landscape even further by sweeping the Shape knob to gradually morph the LFO wave shape from a smooth, undulating sine wave to an aggressive and choppy square wave.

    NEW £145.00

  • Rotosound UK-made Handwired pedals- last remaining stock!

    A fab range of vintage-inspired modulation and compressor pedals here- all handwired and built in the UK! All of them are built around vintage inspired circuits, and are housed in some rather tasty looking boxes like the old Sola Sound fuzzes! Great discounts on these due to them being the last remaining stock in the UK. Add some colour to your effects selection!

    Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo: £90

    Compressor: £110

  • Massive Unity 1964 T.A.E amp sim pedal

    1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection, as a highly detailed preamp to your amp´s fx loop return, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp´s input. Available to guitarists and bassists needing both a professional alternative to their amplifiers and/or a responsive backup to their regular rig on an ultra-lightweight package with a real analog experience.

    NEW £250

  • BBE G Screamer


  • BBE Free Fuzz new


  • Diago Little Smasher New


  • Ironman Dirty Harry

    Exclusive to The Little Guitar Shop, these hand-made, hard-wired pedals are true bypass, external power supply only. From crunch to filthy with one knob.


  • Mooer Triangle Buff

    Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound, very nice fuzz tone Full metal shell. True bypass.

    New £59