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  • Bass Guitars

  • Tokai Hard Puncher bass MIC

    A classic design, this P-bass inspired Hard Puncher has a wonderful, fast maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and looks super 60's with it's sunburst/tort aesthetic combination. These Chinese Tokai's are built incredibly well- they can compete with any MIM Fender for sure!

    NEW £549.00

  • Sire Marcus Miller V7 5-string bass

    A whole host of features on this very player-minded bass! The Heritage-3 preamp allows you to sculpt your tone via a 3-band active EQ, a heavy-mass bridge built to Marcus' specifications, a wonderfully rolled-fretboard for easy of playing, and premium Swamp Ash tonewoods as well as specially-voiced pickups. A true do-it-all bass in fantastic used condition.

    USED £SOLD I'm getting low with Paul now!

  • Baldwin (Burns) Shadows bass '65-'70

    A real rarity! Designed to keep up the uniform-nature of The Shadows after Hank had his signature guitar built, this was designed for John Rostill, with a short run being built by Baldwin from '65-'70. An unusual through-body design, and that classic multi-guard Burns styling. It's showing signs of age as you'd expect, but in full working condition. 

    USED £1825