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  • Amps

  • Marshall SV20C British Racing Green

    Based on the 1959SLP, and pumping 20 or 5 watts of biting British tone through a 1x10- sounds even more massive through an extension cab! 2x ECC83, 1x ECC83 (phase splitter) and 2x EL34. 2 channels with four separate inputs and high and low sensitivity loudness controls, and a DI out. The perfect studio or club amp!

    USED but mint £ON HOLD

  • Vox AC-4 Custom C1-12 valve combo

    A teeny box of pure top-boost tone! 4 watts, Class A, simple 2-band EQ, gain and master volume controls and a 12" Celestion speaker. Perfect for using at home or recording. Near-mint condition too!

    USED £275.00

  • Fender Twin Reverb 135w 'Ultralinear' model

    An absolute beast of a clean amp- these master volume models are particularly popular amongst pedal steel and country players due to their pristine cleans and bags of headroom! This one's just had a service and sounds fantastic, and even includes the original reverb/trem footpedal. A great chance to get a vintage Fender amp at an affordable price.

    USED £895.00

  • Peavey USA Delta Blues 1x15 combo

    Utterly fantastic sounding 2-channel valve amp made in the USA. From gorgeous cleans to raunchy drive, all with the added bass response of a 1x15, sweet spring reverb and tremolo, this is a true unsung beauty of an amp! Includes footswitch and US convertor plug, and is in excellent condition with an aftermarket padded cover.


  • Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown 50 1x12 combo

    An absolute beast- a 3-channel, 50-watt, EL34 powered combo that goes from pristine clean to delightful crunch to all-out, fire-breathing mayhem! All-tube reverb on every channel, CabClone DI for direct out, a bias switch that allows for changing tubes with ease. Along with the footswitch, this amp can deliver everything you'd ever need! Excellent condition, with the OG dust cover, a purpose-made padded cover, the footswitch and leads.

    USED £1695.00

  • Fender Blues Deluxe valve combo

    As seen on stages the world over- as the warmer cousin of the Hot Rod Deluxe, this 40 watt Tweed beauty breaks up slightly earlier and is overall a more vintage-flavour- but equally loud and gig-worthy! 2 channels with an improved OD channel, gorgeous spring reverb, stunning cleans, and a single 12" Eminence design speaker. Versatile, portable and affordable- it's a classic for a reason! Exellent used condition with the footswitch and original info card!

    USED £600.00

  • Marshall SC20C Valve Combo

    A little fire breather of an amp! But don't be fooled- it's portable size belies its monstrous tone! Essentially a 20w JCM 800 MV, with a 10" speaker, that is switchable between 5 and 20 watts. From glassy cleans to pure & classic Marshall filth, the hi and lo inputs let you really tailor the amount of gain on tap, and the master volume makes it ideal for roaring sounds and neighbour-friendly volumes. Excellent used condition w/ paperwork.

    USED £650.00

  • Marshall 50th Anniversary JCM2000 DSL1C 1-watt combo

    All the massive DSL versatility in a tiny but huge-sounding package. Built in the UK and packing a special 8” Celestion driver, this tiny beast has 2 channels of pure valve tastiness and is even switchable down to 0.1w! Perfect for home use or micing up in the studio, and in excellent condition w/ dust cover.

    USED £595.00

  • Fender '65ri Twin Reverb

    The undisputed king of clean- 75 watts of pure 6L6 power! Good condition, includes dust cover which has seen some use indeed, but does the job, and includes the footswitch too.

    USED £1095.00

  • Vox TB18C1 Tony Bruno designed 18w combo.

    The Vox with an American accent. Designed by boutique amp legend Tony Bruno, famed for high ender US-voiced amps like the Cowtipper, this single-channel combo is like a Deluxe Reverb on steroids. Mid-boost and Dark switches, Hi/Lo gain inputs, a very usable master volume, digital spring-voiced reverb, and a upgraded speaker- changed to an Eminence Swamp Thang. Much more Fender than Vox, with its 6V6 output tubes. Overdrives gloriously! A few signs of wear, and it seems the back ventilation plate has been removed to allow it some breathing space, but in good working condition. 

    USED £695.00

  • Hughes & Kettner Puretone 25w valve head

    Unadulterated tone from this point-to-point, handwired beauty. No frills- designed to respond to your playing in the most nuanced way possible- just one channel with 3-band EQ, a volume control, and selected superior components,  yielding one of the world's most responsive and articulate amps. And if you feel the EQ gets in the way, simply dial it out by using the Growl knob. Puretone pumps out far more volume than you'd expect from a 25-watt amp sporting two EL34 tubes. Hence the two-stage powersoak that lets you enjoy the aural rapture of a Class A power amp breaking up without blowing out your eardrums. Good used condition. 

    USED £995.00

  • Marshall MG50FX solid state combo amp

    A great, versatile classic- ideal for use at home or on the stage! A clear channel and raunchy gain channel, all topped off with delay, reverb, chorus and flanger. Great condition!

    USED £225.00

  • Orange Crush Pro 120w combo amp

    The Crush Pro series are incredibly highly regarded- with a wonderful, warm clean channel, a versatile dirt channel modelled after the Rocker 3, a transparent effects loop, and a 3-way reverb from cavernous to springy, this is a hugely versatile 2x12 combo for not a lot of money! Whether it’s blues or metal, chances are you can wrangle it out of this excellent solid state amp. Condition is good- a few scuffs here and there but nothing major.

    USED £395.00

  • Selmer Treble 'n Bass 50 RSV head approx. 1973 

    An iconic and superb sounding vintage valve head- with reverb! 2 channels with a regular and padded input each- guitar & bass channels being akin to bright and normal. The cleans are stunning and the breakup is raunchy! And it's not crazy loud either- perfect for recording. Good overall condition for its ages too- a real cool piece of history!

    USED £750.00

  • Peavey T-Max / Tour Series

    A pair of robust, versatile and LOUD Peavey bass heads here, both in flight cases and including the manuals. The T-Max is a versatile hybrid amp that is much respected, and in this case includes a power conditioner within the flight case, and the Tour series is 450 watts of pure Peavey grunt- perfect for bass synths too!

    USED- T-Max: £350 / Tour Series: £300

  • Blackstar Artisan 15 handwired head

    Huge tone in a small package! 2 channels, one based on an EF86 Pentode and the other an ECC83 Triode, refine legendary vintage and boutique reference tones. The EL84 based power section is switchable between a 5W triode mode and a more dynamic 15W pentode mode configuration, for the ultimate in low power valve amplifier flexibility. Think gorgeous, Brit-inspired class A tone! Excellenty used condition and includes a flightcase!

    USED £795.00

  • Blackstar 200 Series One valve head

    A versatile monster of an amp! 6 channels/voices ranging from clean to full-on firebreathing monsterous gain, powered by 4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, & 4 x KT88. The cornerstone of the Series One design is the two patented circuits: the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone control circuit and the DPR (Dynamic Power Reduction) power reduction system- allowing you to mix Brit/USA voices and dial in the perfect level of power. Internally these are made to withstand the rigours of the road- and it's certainly reassuringly weighty. Excellent condition.

    USED £900.00

  • Fender Bassman '59 LTD reissue w/ tolex cover

    The classic, raunchy 4x10 combo! 45 watts of unadulterated tube tone taking you from clean to crunch, 4 Jensen speakers, and that classic Tweed tolex. Good condition for the age, has a 'dogbone' handle added on on side and slits in the cover to allow for in.

    USED £1395.00​ £1100

  • Orange Custom Shop 50 UK made valve head

    A gorgeous and iconic head from the British manufacturer! Straight from them- "Sonically, this single channel gem caters for those guitarists pursuing pure and unadulterated tonal refinement. Switching between 30 Watts Class A and 50 Watts Class A/B output alters the amp’s feel and response, with a wonderfully sensitive chime in Class A mode. In the Class A/B setting, the mids open up, for a more aggressive, full-bodied kick." Great condition with just a few marks on the top of the tolex. Includes original cover

    USED £1995.00

  • Supro Black Magick Head and Cab

    One of the nicest gig-worthy rigs we've had in the shop, 25 watts, two channels, channel linking options, tremolo. The Black Magick is the recreation of the famed Supro used by Jimmy Page on the early Led Zep albums. The sound is pure classic rock and blues, touch sensitive and an open airey tone that compresses when you turn it up. The cab houses a Supro 12" speaker rated at 8 ohms, run two and its an unbeatable tone.

    NEW Head £1129, Cab £519 each

  • Trace Elliot Speed Twin 50w valve head w/ footswitch

    A versatile and huge-sounding head! 2 channels with footswitchable reverb, pull-boosts for EQ-ing, a gorgeous clean channel and a higher-gain distortion channel with a switch for even more OD! Built in the UK, good condition but is missing the backplate.

    USED £395.00