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  • Amps

  • Suhr Bella valve combo w/ reverb

    A simply gorgeous-sounding amp that's a nod to the classic Fender cleans we all know and love, with a tad more flexibility than those vintage amps!  Powered by a duet of 6L6GC power tubes that deliver either 22 or 44 Watts of Class A/B power, the Bella incorporates stunning spring reverb, a 3-way bright switch, a presence knob and a boost switch. A superb pedal platform that really grinds when you crank it! Good condition, bar a couple of small nicks in the tolex, and includes cover and footswitch.

    USED £1995.00

  • Marshall TSL100 & JCM900 4x12 Cab

    A Marshall for all seasons- having 3 independent channels (Clean, Crunch and Lead) puts amazing control, flexibility, and tone variations at your fingertips. From sparkling clean to full-blown Marshall roar, this all-valve 100W head delivers it all. Each channel features its own volume, gain, and EQ. Master controls include tone shift for beefing up tone at low volumes, Accutronics spring reverb, effects loop mix control, speaker emulation DI circuit for silent recording, virtual power reduction that gives you a glorious, saturated power amp feel without cranking it up to 10. Cab houses 4 Celestion G12 75's- perfect for that classic, gainy Marshall sound! Both are in good used condition.

    USED TSL100- £495.00, 4x12 cab- £275.00

  • Blackstar 200 Series One valve head

    A versatile monster of an amp! 6 channels/voices ranging from clean to full-on firebreathing monsterous gain, powered by 4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, & 4 x KT88. The cornerstone of the Series One design is the two patented circuits: the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) tone control circuit and the DPR (Dynamic Power Reduction) power reduction system- allowing you to mix Brit/USA voices and dial in the perfect level of power. Internally these are made to withstand the rigours of the road- and it's certainly reassuringly weighty. Excellent condition.

    USED £900.00

  • Fender Bassman '59 LTD reissue w/ tolex cover

    The classic, raunchy 4x10 combo! 45 watts of unadulterated tube tone taking you from clean to crunch, 4 Jensen speakers, and that classic Tweed tolex. Good condition for the age, has a 'dogbone' handle added on on side and slits in the cover to allow for in.

    USED £1395.00

  • Orange Custom Shop 50 UK made valve head

    A gorgeous and iconic head from the British manufacturer! Straight from them- "Sonically, this single channel gem caters for those guitarists pursuing pure and unadulterated tonal refinement. Switching between 30 Watts Class A and 50 Watts Class A/B output alters the amp’s feel and response, with a wonderfully sensitive chime in Class A mode. In the Class A/B setting, the mids open up, for a more aggressive, full-bodied kick." Great condition with just a few marks on the top of the tolex. Includes original cover

    USED £1995.00

  • Tokai 5w tweed-style valve amp- handwired

    A raunchy little beast- simple controls. Turn it up and get your ZZ Top on through the 8" Celestion driver. A fantastic recording amp- dirty!

    NEW £399

  • Marshall Dynamic Bass System combo

    Great 250w bass combo- built-in compressor and great EQ possibilities. Very protable considering how loud it is- pumps out a decent amount of power for live use! Casters for ease of movement, DI out also.. 1x15 speaker and tweeter. Great mid-level gigging amp.

    USED £295

  • Blackstar Artist 10 AE

    The Artist 10 AE deploys a 6L6 output valve and an ECC83 in the preamp stage to give this amp a characteristically bright clean sound and a hot lead tone. The lead sounds are enhanced by a built-in overdrive circuit inspired by the Blackstar HT-Drive pedal which will take you from dynamic crunch to singing, smooth legato. In as-new condition.

    USED £395​ £SOLD Andrew scooped me up!

  • Blug Amp 1 Mercury edition 100 Watt 

    We are super-impressed with this amp, 100 watts using nano-tube techonology for tone shaping and a Class D analog power amp pushing out 100 watts straight into a speaker, light, bags of tone and very flexible. Includes a very nice reverb and four channels: clean -  Twin, Vintage - AC30,  Classic - Plexi and Modern - Hi Gain. There is also a handy master volume control that you can pre-set to  lower output without having to chang eany of the channel or EQ settings. The tone quality is amazing vith touch sensitive response and rich valve tone 

    NEW  AMP 1 £639

  • Supro Black Magick Head and Cab

    One of the nicest gig-worthy rigs we've had in the shop, 25 watts, two channels, channel linking options, tremolo. The Black Magick is the recreation of the famed Supro used by Jimmy Page on the early Led Zep albums. The sound is pure classic rock and blues, touch sensitive and an open airey tone that compresses when you turn it up. The cab houses a Supro 12" speaker rated at 8 ohms, run two and its an unbeatable tone.

    NEW Head £1129, Cab £519 each

  •  Fender Blues Deville 4x10 Tweed

    In good used condition, this is the 4x10 version so plenty of bottom end and sweet midrange, 60 watts, with reverb, two channels and footswitch included

    USED £650 Reduced to £550

  • Trace Elliot Speed Twin 50w valve head w/ footswitch

    A versatile and huge-sounding head! 2 channels with footswitchable reverb, pull-boosts for EQ-ing, a gorgeous clean channel and a higher-gain distortion channel with a switch for even more OD! Built in the UK, good condition but is missing the backplate.

    USED £395.00