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  • 2022 blow-out!

    Keep checking back through the month as we update this page with some righteous bargains!

  • Boss BCB-60 pedalboard w/ power supply & patch cables

    A compact way to store, carry and power 4 pedals and a wah/volume pedal! A great all-in-one solution- really helps you avoid a mess of wires! Good, used condition.

    USED £120 £85.00

  • Washburn G-5V 1987 MIJ

    A vintage Japanese shredding machine! Hotter than hell pickups, their own low-profile locking trem, a gorgeous metallic, deep blue finish, and a flat, slim neck that allows you to shred until your hands catch fire. Great condition for its age too!

    USED £400 £375.00

  • Ibanez SZ320 Gold MIK

    A fantastic rock guitar, with the Gibraltar III bridge and SD/Ibanez designed humbuckers making it a solid playing and sounding instrument. These Korean examples are such great value for money- the fretwork is fantastic and the bridge is a great bit of engineering. Great condition with light signs of use.

    USED £395​ £350.00

  • Squier Korean Strat w/ Lace pickups (early 90's)

    A rather slick-looking Strat with some pretty meaty upgrades! These Korean models have a wonderfully fast neck, and slightly thinner bodies than usual, making them eaisier to wield and fab for harder, more speedy styles of play! This one has had a whole set of Lace pickups installed- it's higher output than usual, but without losing any clarity! Signs of use, but in overall good condition for a almost 30-yr old guitar!

    USED £350 £315.00

  • EKO Camaro, vintage white

    We're still in awe of these- rolled fingerboards, fab sounding p90s and brilliant construction at a price that defies all logic. We've some more sparkle finished due for arrival in Jan, but these Olympic White examples just ooze vintage vibe with their matching headstocks!

    NEW £329​ £300.00

  • Dean DBZ Bolero tobacco-burst

    A versatile single-cut that looks and feels far more expensive than it is! Ebonized rosewood board, 24.75" scale, DBZB/DBZ5 pickups that are hot without being muddy or too middy, and a fab looking flamed maple top and Grover tuners. This packs a serious punch, and the countouring makes it both comfortable to play and striking to see! Good condition.

    USED £495.00​ £450.00

  • Westfield Firebird copy

    It's not too often you find a decent 'bird copy! This one's got a bolt-on neck and 2 hot mini-humbuckers (or at least they sound that way as opposed to FB pickups), but it kicks out a real punch and a has a chunky neck that you can really grab a hold of. And it looks the business to! A few signs of use, but in overall good condition.

    USED £300 £250.00

  • Line 6 Flextone III XL/Flextone Plus

    These Line 6's are absolutely fantastic options for those looking for a range of tones at a lower budget! We have 2 here- they're very similar, but the III has a touch more tweakibility. At 75 (III) & 60 (plus) watts they're loud enough to gig with too, and the ability to set up patches lets you save your favourite sounds with ease. Both in great condition, and we have an extension cab also (enquire if interested)

    USED: III XL- £175 £150.00

               PLUS- £150​ £125.00

  • Michael Kelly 1963

    Familar looks but with modern playability! Gorgeous flamed-maple top on an alder body, Macassar Ebony board, 10" radius, splittable humbucker and their innovative 2-point tremolo all come together in what's a real player's guitar- reliable, fab sounding and slick-playing! Excellent used condition.

    USED £350  £300.00

  • Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin

    A great amp from the late 90's-spring reverb, tremolo, and 2 channels with a 12AX7 in the pre of channel 2 for some tubey goodness! In some ways this is the bigger brother of the highly regarded Pathfinder series- fantastic value and great looks to boot! Good, used condition.

    USED £180​ £150.00

  • Ibanez Gio GAX doublecut

    A great little rocker for little money- these Gio's have 2 hot humbuckers, a fixed bridge and a SG-inspired body shape made of Agathis. Very sleek in it's black finish, there's no messing about with this one.

    USED but mint £150.00​ £120.00