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  • ​The Little Guitar Shop

    82 Vyse Street

    Jewellery Quarter


    B18 6HA

    ​Telephone 0121 554 2587

    0121 233 3788

    Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30 - 17:30


  • New and used guitars, basses, amps & effects. Repairs, modifications, handwound pickups- we do it all!!

    Great guitars and amps is what we are about- we specialise in vintage and used gear that is increasingly hard to find, and doesn’t cost a fortune! All of our instruments are set up to perfection in our workshop before they are offered for sale, and each has a detailed description so you know exactly what you're getting.


    Check out their incredible builds via their page on the left- and if you fancy a custom-spec build, get in touch!

    25% OFF SELECT IMPORT MODELS- Check the 'Assorted Import' page for deals on the likes of Hagstrom, Magneto, Levinson Sceptre & more!


    Have a look at our gear on the website and see if you can resist a visit to our store in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter- just a 10 minute walk from the city centre. We love talking guitars and gear over a cup of tea or coffee, and the kettle is always on!

    From used Fenders and Gibsons, to new Tanglewoods and Rickenbackers- we deal in everything from vintage oddities to modern-day shred machines! We update our site regularly with new arrivals, and are happy to take deposits if you see something you just can't pass up!

    ​We welcome part-exchange and are always interested in acquiring quality used gear. And finally, we believe in service. We’re happy to spend time with you and share our know-how, so you finally get the tone, feel and performance that you’ve been searching for!

  • Check out this review from Crimson Guitars of the superb Valiant Soothsayer- now in stock!

  • "The disgusting stink of a too-loud electric guitar, now that's my idea of a good time" - Frank Zappa

  • Mail Orders

    Sadly we no longer take card purchases by phone because of the increase in fraudulent transactions. For mail orders you can now pay by bank transfer or Paypal. For international orders we shall quote you for shipping to your country with insurance included. 

  • Set-ups, Repairs and Customisations

    Guitar set ups and repairs are done on the premises in our workshop. We do everything from a straight string change and set up to a re-fret, or custom wiring mods and pickup re-winds. We can also build custom wound pickups to your preference- feel free to come in and have a discussion about any mods you're considering and we'll give you a quote!

  • pickup

    Hand Wound Pickups 

    We launched our range of hand-wound pickups at the end of February 2011. Each is created one at a time, with care, at our workshop in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We have demo guitars fitted with each model of pickup so you can test and choose the ones for you.

    We have 50's, early 60's, overwound early 60's and late 60's S-Type pickups. Early 50's and 60's T-Type neck and bridge pickups and 50's Humbuckers;and also P90's -  both traditional and slightly overwound.