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    Lots of interesting gear came in this week, a 1966 Fender Coronado 1 in uber-rare Lake Placid Blue custom colour, with original case price TBC, a virtually mint Harmony Meteor with DeArmond gold foil pickup and all original with original hardcase £895, two 70's Fender Precision basses, one factory original fretless and one fretted, both refinished but nice players
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    Yesterday we had a call from a friend about acquiring some guitars, "bring them in and we'll have a look" we said. A while later we have several cases to open, as the first case is being opened to reveal a big headstock natural strat "It's a '79 with serial number S958569" I say. Yes is the reply;how did you know that? "It was my first Strat bought new in 1980" I say. - I hadn't seen it since the last century. I had traded it in for a Marshall 100 watt head. Ever since I have wondered what happened to it and wished I had kept it. Here are some pics then (1981) and now, needless to say it's not going anywhere now
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    Can anybody help me find a Gibson hardcase for a Firebird with banjo tuners (my new toy a 2005 in wine red) It needs to be Gibson only as Gator etc aren't deep enough to keep the banjo tuners away from the back of the case; I don't mind if it's brown or black, many thanks and fingers crossed Martin
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    Here's a very nice vintage Gibson ES345 in cherry red made in Kalamazoo in 1967, with factory original Bigsby, patent number pickups, waffle-back machine heads and Varitone switch, all original apart from the knobs, comes with original hardcase, £5995
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    Here's one for all you Hank B Marvin fans, a totally mint and unplayed Fender Custom Shop 56 Stratocaster in fiesta red with gold hardware NOS spec, with case and unopened case candy -gorgeous! £2095
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    Many of you know we build custom guitars, here's one we put together for Chris, ash body, rosewood Fender neck, a pair of our own hand wound pickups and reliced hardware, very heavy relic body as you can see
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    Another nice amp came in this week, a Fender '68 reissue Custom Twin Reverb in totally mint condition with foot switch etc, normal channel has Bassman tone stack voicing with reverb and tremolo, the other channel is classic Twin, very loud, very good, quite heavy! £900
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    Just in the Supro Black Magick heads and cabs, totally stunning in sound and looks, I want one!
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    Just in on Saturday a lovely Gretsch Single anniversary in smoke green, a right proper vintage guitar from 1963 £1495 and a 2003 Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus with AAA flame top and Burstbucker pro pickups in wine red £1295
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    We're creaking at the seams with lots of new gear in this last week, here's some pics, Fender USA 57 strats in fiesta red and surf green, Fender Japan '68 reissue strat in sunburst, Tokai Japan Love Rocks in violin finish, Tokai Breezysounds in Ice Blue Metallic, Epiphone Sheraton in natural, Vox AC30 CC2, Classic Player Jazzmaster in sunburst, classic player Strat in Sonic Blue, Tokai Japan Silverstar in Olympic white, USA Strat black with maple neck
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