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    new arrivals a stunning pair of telecasters a '62 USA vintage reissue in teal green metallic made in 2002 and a 2016 fender American pro series in mystic seafom
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    We've had a batch of new USA G&L guitars come in this week, stunning playability and tone as usual and some lovely finishes too. All made in Fullerton California - the birthplace of bolt-on as G&L say
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    A nice couple of Gibsons came in this week, a 2013 '61 Les Paul SG in heritage cherry in mint condition £1095, a 2005 Firebird V in wine red (no hardcase though) £895. Plus a New Old Stock Tokai Firebird in unplaced cindition with plastic covering on pickups etc in pearlescent white with gold hardware made in Korea about 15 years ago with hardcase at £495
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    Blatant promotion follows: The Quo AKA The Four Rossis play the Roadhouse Venue this Saturday 9 September. Classic Quo from (mainly) the Seventies
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    Here are a few gorgeous guitars that came in this week, a mint Rickenbacker 360/12 in mapleglo from 2004 £1995, a 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom left hand £2750, a USA standard Strat in Olympic White from 2005 at £795, and a Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro from 1997 £895
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    And for the bargain hunters here are some wallet friendly guitars- an Epiphone Dot in sunburst in mint condition £250, a totally brand new Fender lefty standard Strat in Lake Placid Blue at £375 and a Fender Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom at £275
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    We've had some tasty gear in this week, a mint 2011 Rickenbacker 330 in fireglo virtually unplayed with case at £1695, a lovely Fender American Special Telecaster in light blonde butterscotch with Bare Knuckle Piledriver pickups at £650, a Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro from 1997 in sunburst at £895, a 2008 Fender USA standard Stratocaster in sunburst with case in minty condition at £795
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    Lots of interesting gear came in this week, a 1966 Fender Coronado 1 in uber-rare Lake Placid Blue custom colour, with original case price TBC, a virtually mint Harmony Meteor with DeArmond gold foil pickup and all original with original hardcase £895, two 70's Fender Precision basses, one factory original fretless and one fretted, both refinished but nice players
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    Yesterday we had a call from a friend about acquiring some guitars, "bring them in and we'll have a look" we said. A while later we have several cases to open, as the first case is being opened to reveal a big headstock natural strat "It's a '79 with serial number S958569" I say. Yes is the reply;how did you know that? "It was my first Strat bought new in 1980" I say. - I hadn't seen it since the last century. I had traded it in for a Marshall 100 watt head. Ever since I have wondered what happened to it and wished I had kept it. Here are some pics then (1981) and now, needless to say it's not going anywhere now
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    Can anybody help me find a Gibson hardcase for a Firebird with banjo tuners (my new toy a 2005 in wine red) It needs to be Gibson only as Gator etc aren't deep enough to keep the banjo tuners away from the back of the case; I don't mind if it's brown or black, many thanks and fingers crossed Martin
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