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  • New Arrivals​

    ​Updated 16 September 2019

  • Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Combo 35th Anniversary Edition

    One of only 250 made to celebrate the 35th Anniversary in 1997, in good condition, two channels with trremolo. Classic Marshall tone through the two Celestion greenback speakers. Very loud as you would expect! takes pedals very well and looks stunning. Comes with heavy duty padded cover.

    USED £1495

  • Epiphone 339 Ebony

    In excellent condition, small 335 style body, centre block, rosewood fretboard and push/pull pots for coil tap on each pickup.

    USED £275

  • Epiphone Wilshire Reissue Worn Cherry

    In as-new condition with Epiphone hardcase, mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard, two mini humbuckers. Very light and resonant and sounds very good indeed.

    USED £395

  • Orange Rocker 15 Combo

    In excellent condition with Orange cover, 15 watts, two channels, EL84 power valves, switcheable between headroom and bedroom for quieter practicing without annoying the neighbours.

    USED £495 pics coming soon