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  • New Arrivals​

    ​Updated 25th November 2020

  • Tokai Japan Love Rock Custom LC132 P90

    We specified these very limited run Love Rock Customs to as close as we could for a 1954 to 1956 Custom. All mahogany body, mahogany neck, gold hardware, block inlays and two P90 pickups. The original 50's guitars had a P90 bridge pickup and the alnico staple pickup in the neck position which have very powerful magnets and can pull the strings unless the pickup is wound right down into the body. We went with two P90's. These are beautiful guitars and play extremely well and have a clear, woody tone with very good sustain. We now have just one of these beauties left!Very good condition- some slight signs of use but has been very well looked after.

    USED £1250

  • Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar

    A refined take on the surf-to-alt classic! Johnny took his favourite 60's Jag and made some changes for modern playability- a 4-way tele switch (including a series mod), custom-wound Bareknuckle pickups, deeper body contours and 2 bright switches. A super-thin nitro finish that ages wonderfully and mustang bridge/Staytrem collet all take it to dizzying heights. A truly superb instrument that can tackle so many genres! This one has some play wear and includes the original, more desirable blue-crush case.

    USED £SOLD George couldn't resist me!

  • Fender Precision Bass fretless- 1978

    This '78 fretless Fender Precision plays great and is in top working condition, playability-wise!
    As is often-seen with finishes from this period, it is susceptible to finish checking and cracking. However, some may say this simply adds to the vintage mojo... either way, it's a cracking vintage fretless!
    Includes non-original hardcase

    USED £1795

  • EKO Camaro, vintage white

    We're still in awe of these- rolled fingerboards, fab sounding p90s and brilliant construction at a price that defies all logic. We've some more sparkle finished due for arrival in Jan, but these Olympic White examples just ooze vintage vibe with their matching headstocks!

    NEW £329

  • Tokai LS136GT (n.o.s)

    What more can we say about these Tokais? They're stunning! This Goldtop has all the typical features- PAF mk2 pickups, an insanely playable neck, beautiful hardcase, and it's a very manageable weight too!

    NEW £1195 On hold for Richard

  • Rickenbacker 1993+ Fireglo 12 string 2015

    Oh wowza. Wider neck for easier playing, gorgeous sounding toaster pickups, that classic Fireglo finish- this truly is the quintessential Ric 12 string! And it's in mint condition too- a truly special piece of USA guitar history!

    USED but mint £SOLD ??? couldnt resist me

  • Epiphone Wildkat

    Looking gorgeous in its Antique Natural finish, the Wildkat is the perfect marriage of a Les Paul and a 335! USA-designed dog-ear P90's, mahognay body and maple top for warmth ad snap, and a super-cool Bigbsy for some shimmering vibrato. Includes a very nice hardcase too!

    USED £375

  • Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72ri MIM

    These Mexican reissues of the 70'c classics are often far superior to the original thing (tight neck pockets for a start...). This Tele Deluxe kicks a serious punch due to its dual Widerange-style humbuckers, and the rarer Mocha finish is rather period-appopriate! One noticable ding but in otherwise great conditon!

    USED £595

  • Gretsch 5236-T Pro Jet

    Very flash and sounds gutsy as hell. These older Pro Jets are of superb quality- this one feels very much like a decent LP in weight, but with a great punch from the Gretschbuckers. In used condition, with a few marks on the  back and back of the headstock.

    USED £495

  • Rickenbacker 650C Colorado

    An oddity within the Ric family- far more traditional feeling and modern sounding with its HB-1 humbucking pickups. Far easier to play than most Rics, with it's neck being less flat and easier to bend on. Great weight to it- feels like a truly solid piece of gear! Incredible condition w/ hardcase & candy

    USED but mint £1800