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  • New Arrivals

    Updated July 17th

  • Fender American Nashville B-Bender Telecaster 2002 USA

    A rare and unique USA-made Tele that will make you don your cowboy hat and say "yeehaw"... possibly. The b-bender system was developed by Gene Parsons and Clarence White to allow guitar players to play pedal-steel style licks by having the ability to mechanically bend the b-string by pulling up/down on the strap button.It's an ingenious system that is rarely seen on production models. With a 5-way switch and Texas Special middle pickup, you can get Strat-esque sounds out of this beauty also. The scratchplate has been replaced with a gorgeous paisley-style one, but otherwise it's all stock. There's a few dings here and there, and some usual finish checking on the fretboard/neck, but otherwise it's in great condition and includes a Fender hardshell case.

    USED £1700.00

  • New Tokai Japan guitars just landed!

    Check out the 'Tokai Japan' tab for more info on these superb new LP-types! We couldn't be prouder to be one of their main dealers within the UK- we are constantly astounded by the quality they're putting out, and have made several of them mainstays in our own personal collections!

    NEW £1671 - £1899

  • Hagstrom '67 Viking II WIld Cherry Transparent

    The Elvis guitar! Very bling- almost their take on a Coronado. Great sounding H-52 mini humbuckers, loud and resonant with lots of clarity and lightweight too! Includes gigbag.

    NEW £875.00

  • Ernie Ball Musicman Axis Super Sport 2019

    Jaw-dropping quality from California! Quilt maple top over basswood with custom DiMarzio electronics are controlled by a five-way lever switch offering split coil tonal combinations. Hard rock maple neck allows for comfortable hand and finger positions across all 22 frets, while the Music Man vintage style tremolo and locking Schaller tuners make string changing quick and easy keeping the guitar perfectly in tune. Excellent condition with the moulded hardshell case.

    USED £1895.00

  • Gibson Les Paul Studio 2000

    A classic, and this one is in good knick for a 20+ year old guitar! A no-frills riff-machine with its mahogany body & cap and the 490R/498T pickups that scream when overdriven. It's had some Grover-style locking tuners added and chrome-style pickup surrounds as well as replacement strap buttons, and plays fabulously with it's chunkier, almost 50's profile neck! Includes non-original hardcase

    USED £895.00

  • Ibanez Prestige RG1570MRB Japan 2003-2004

    Shred your way through the cosmos with this fantastic, Japanese-made Ibanez! Lightweight basswood body, Edge Pro tremolo, 3-piece maple neck that's fast and flat for speedy playing, and hot but defined sounding V8/S1/V7 pickupsin a versatile HSH configuration. Besides a small ding on the lower bout it's in excellent condition, and includes original hardshell case and hangtags.

    USED £795.00

  • Tokai LS198S Lacquer Series Goldtop

    A truly fantastic, all-nitro spec'd LP. One piece mahogany back and neck, maple top, Old LP Mk1 P90's that sound fantastic, and top quality pots and wiring.
    The neck is wonderfully full, and the lightweight tailpiece and brass saddles are the cherry on top. It sounds amazingly woody- a truly inspiring guitar to play that can't be beat. Don't bother with G*bs*n Custom Shop or vintage pieces- this is every bit as incredible! Includes hardcase and COA. This one's ever-so shop soiled, with a tiny ding on the lower back.

    RRP £2436 Our price £2000.00

  • Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Nocaster relic 2015- #6 of 95

    Such a special piece here! These Nocasters were built in 2015 to commemorate 20 years of the Fender Custom Shop relic models- and fittingly there were only 95 built! It's a true work of art- amazing relic job right down to the faux ciggy-burn on the headstock! The neck is FAT- this is a 50's purist's dream! As it's such a limited model it comes with all manner of case candy in its tweed hardcase, and a special engraved neckplate. Quatersawn maple neck, handwound Nocatser pickups, hand-selected lightweight Ash body and 9.5" radius neck. This is one for the collector's and Tele enthusiasts amongst us! As far as we can see it is in mint condition!

    USED £2995.00

  • Fender American Original 50's Stratocaster 2020

    A top-tier take on the classic Strat! 9.5" radius, but that aside it's vintage spec with the specially voiced pickups, 2-tone nitro Sunburst finish, chunky 50's neck and gorgeous woodgrain! Comes with a beautiful tweed case and all candy.

    USED but mint £1550.00

  • Squier Vista Venus CIJ Japan- 1997

    Out of this world and rare! The Venus was co-designed by Courtney Love and produced for a very limited period in the mid-90's. This colour- Black with matching headstock- is the rarest. As it's a Japanese model, the quality is incredible- the neck is chunky, and the binding makes it feel no disimilar to the AV65 models of today. It's in great condition- there's a couple of dings on the bottom that have been touched up and are almost unseeable. The bridge pickup has been replaced with an Irongear Hot Sl*g- a hot PAF-type that pairs with the neck single coil wonderfully. Original pickup can be included on request. A rare piece that will only climb in value!

    USED £800

  • Fender Classic Series 50's Precision Bass 2017

    So classic looking in its Desert Sand finish and gold anodised pickguard combination- this P-Bass has all the punch you'd expect, with a touch more brightness thanks to the maple neck and board. Excellent condition with Fender gigbag, currently strung with flatwounds

    USED £795.00

  • Gibson Les Paul Tribute T Honeyburst 2017

    A more traditionally-style Studio in essence- this LP has the classic 490R & T pickups that kick out a great rock tone, 1 piece Mahogany neck, 9-hole weight relief and a slim taper neck. Comfortable to play, and the satin Honeyburst finish gives it a great vintage vibe! Includes surfboard-style gigbag with the original case candy. Some wear on the 2 higher frets, but otherwise in great condition.

    USED £800.00 

  • Levinson Blade RH-15C

    The RH15C is a new model in the Classic Custom Series. The RH15C has a mahogany body to accent warm midrange and full bodied, fat tone. This custom model is adorned with a beautiful book matched spalted maple top finished with a gorgeous Golden Brown Burst. A true collectors instrument. The Levinson VS-1 single coils and LH-55 humbucker set the foundation for the Variable Spectrum Control VSC as the ultimate tone shaper. Locking machine heads and the Levinson FT-4 tremolo ensure tuning stability, great attack and exceptional sustain.

    NEW £1299