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  • New Arrivals​

    ​Updated 21st February 2021

  • Aria Pro II RS Deluxe-V Japan

    The 80's called... and it's here to stay! Such a cool red-sparkle finish on this screamin' Strat type from the Matsumoku factory. 3 hot single coils that look remarkably like Dimarzios. Fast maple neck, gold hardware... it's like a Shadows signature model for Satan himself. Amazing condition for a 80's era guitar too!

    USED £395

  • Burns Marquee reissue

    A reissue of the classic British model. 3 tri-sonic pickups, and a strat-style trem, with that iconic 'scroll' headstock. A great, versatile model that blends idiosyncratic and classic features! Used but in great condition.

    USED £375

  • Tokai Silverstar SS40 1981

    Pre-lawsuit classic from Japan! Plays just like a CBS Strat should- a fairly fast neck, that iconic large headstock and 3 bolt neck. These older Tokai's are a great way to snag an affordable vintage piecr without compromising quality, and this one is in fantastic condition!

    USED £750

  • Tokai LC136 Custom Ebony 

    These Tokai's continue to blow away the USA competition. Classic Les Paul type- all mahogany construction with fab sounding PAF mk2 pickups, long neck tenon, beautiful 50's profile, rounded neck. Premium instruments without eye watering prices.

    NEW RRP £1889, OUR PRICE- £1795

  • Epiphone 339 Pro P90

    Ergonomic and extremely cool- this smaller bodied semi from Epiphone has 2 growling p90s that have enough punch for rock, but clarity for lower gain styles. These, in our opinion, play as if not better than the Gibson versions! Good condition- light signs of use.

    USED £SOLD Dave was too tempted!

  • PRS SE 245 Singlecut

    A classic from the Korean range- comfy 'Wide Fat' neck, and versatile 245-series humbuckers with the familiar dual vol/tone control layout. Very classy, and punches way above it's weight. Used but well looked after.

    USED £475

  • Fender Telecaster Standard MIM 2002/3

    A classic in gorgeous Ice Blue Metallic! Plays like butter and sounds just like a Tele should- raunchy with balls! A wonderful custom colour, and fantastic value. Great condition- a few signs of wear but it's been well looked after

    USED £395 on hold for Chris

  • Rickenbacker 330 Matte Black

    A classic semi-hollow in an ultra-modern finish! The 330 is an all-American icon. High gain pickups that snarl and jangle, and that iconic body shape. The matte black finish really makes this one something special- quite evil looking in a delightful way!

    NEW £2179

  • Peavey Classic 30 USA valve combo

    A fantastic and versatile combo- perfect for the stage, but not going to blow the doors of your bedroom. Nice, round cleans and  pre/post gain controls for bluesy crunch. Good condition- this is an older USA model. 

    USED £475

  • Rickenbacker 620/12 Fireglo 12-string

    One of the best playing, and generally coolest, 12-strings money can buy. Lovely neck width, jangley but versatile high-gain pickups, and THAT iconic headstock/tailpiece. Maple body with thru neck and the wonderful 'cresting wave' design. Built in the USA to exacting standards as per all Ric pieces. Very Tom Petty in the classic Fireglo finish. Brand new with case and candy.

    NEW £2495

  • Rickenbacker 620/12 Jetglo 12-string

    One of the best playing, and generally coolest, 12-strings money can buy. Lovely neck width, jangley but versatile high-gain pickups, and THAT iconic headstock/tailpiece. Maple body with thru neck and the wonderful 'cresting wave' design. Built in the USA to exacting standards as per all Ric pieces. Brand new with case and candy.

    NEW £SOLD I now live with Paul

  • Fender 1973 Precision Bass

    A fantastic vintage P-bass here! It's seen a fair share of use but has only 1 previous owner. 
    -Non original scratchplate & pots
    -Non original hardcase
    That aside all is as should be- original pickup provides that classic Precision Bass punch, and the original nitro finish has aged beautifully.

    USED £2995

  • Vox AC30HW Handwired w/ Greenbacks

    Probably the best modern day AC30 reasonable money can buy! Impeccable handwiring inside the chassis. Hot & Cool settings for the Top Boost channel, a bright switch on the clean channel, and bypassable Master Volume and 15w/30w settings make this hugely versatile. A brilliant take on a classic amp! Near-mint condition with cloth cover.

    USED £1095

  • Free The Tone HB-2 Heat Blaster distortion

    A fantastically responsive high-gain distortion. Made to emulate a USA-style, fire-breathing amp, the Low & Hi cut switches allow you to tailor your tone to suit your guitar without needing overtly complex eq options! And whilst it simply screams, it also cleans up amazingly with the volume knob! Superbly made, and hand signed by the reputable builder! Mint condition with box.

    USED (but mind) £199

  • Tokai UES 180 Candy Apple Red metallic

    It's not often you see these metallic finishes on semis, and this MIJ Tokai is a real show stopper. As per usual it's impeccably made and puts G**bsons to shame, but the deepness of the finish really needs to be seen to be believed! PAF mk2 pickups, proper pots etc. It's a winner all round! Includes fitted Tokai hardcase.

    NEW £2195

  • Tokai Hard Puncher bass MIJ

    We are blown away by this- the first brand new Japanese Tokai bass we've had in. Stunning 60's-style P-bass with vintage specs. Fantastic looking tort, lightweight, Gotoh hardware and a super comfy neck that fills the hand without being too beastly. Includes a tweed hardcase

    NEW £1295

  • Rotosound UK-made Handwired pedals- last remaining stock!

    A fab range of vintage-inspired modulation and compressor pedals here- all handwired and built in the UK! All of them are built around vintage inspired circuits, and are housed in some rather tasty looking boxes like the old Sola Sound fuzzes! Great discounts on these due to them being the last remaining stock in the UK. Add some colour to your effects selection!

    Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo: £90

    Compressor: £110

  • EKO Camaro, vintage white

    We're still in awe of these- rolled fingerboards, fab sounding p90s and brilliant construction at a price that defies all logic. We've some more sparkle finished due for arrival in Jan, but these Olympic White examples just ooze vintage vibe with their matching headstocks!

    NEW £329

  • Tokai LS136GT (n.o.s)

    What more can we say about these Tokais? They're stunning! This Goldtop has all the typical features- PAF mk2 pickups, an insanely playable neck, beautiful hardcase, and it's a very manageable weight too!

    NEW £1195 On hold for Richard

  • Gretsch 5236-T Pro Jet

    Very flash and sounds gutsy as hell. These older Pro Jets are of superb quality- this one feels very much like a decent LP in weight, but with a great punch from the Gretschbuckers. In used condition, with a few marks on the  back and back of the headstock.

    USED £495

  • Rickenbacker 650C Colorado

    An oddity within the Ric family- far more traditional feeling and modern sounding with its HB-1 humbucking pickups. Far easier to play than most Rics, with it's neck being less flat and easier to bend on. Great weight to it- feels like a truly solid piece of gear! Incredible condition w/ hardcase & candy

    USED but mint £1800