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  • New Arrivals

    Updated May 16th

  • Fender Foto Flame '62 Stratocaster MIJ

    This limited series was made to compete with the more aesthetically-ambitious market of PRS et al, and it's certainly a stunner! However, what really grabbed us is the neck- it's a thing of beauty! Mid-60's C esque, substantial but not chunky. It's an incredible playing Strat- the looks are a big bonus! For it's age it is in fantastic condition- it's clearly been well looked after, and it comes with a hardshell case too.

    USED £SOLD John took me home

  • Martin D-28 dreadnought '73

    A true acoustic icon, the D28 has been through countless hands- Dylan, Young, McCartney- it's THE sound of the 70's folk-rock revival and beyond. Spruce top, rosewood back and sides, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and that gorgeous, full projection that has made this the benchmark for dreadnoughts since its introduction way back in 1914. For a vintage model this is in incredible shape!


  • Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Deluxe 2014

    Not your typical Tele! Stunning purple trans finish, 3A Quilt Maple Top, '52 U shaped neck- 1 piece with stunning Birdseye figuring! The Twisted Tele/Texas Special combo really screams. A truly special one-off in great condition- there's a tiny ding on the front and one of the case latches isn't working, but otherwise it's flawless.

    USED £2200

  • Gibson SG Platinum

    A rather rarely-seen beast here- these Platinums are essentially souped-up studios/specials, and are very striking indeed! The classic 498/490 pickup combo is great for mid and high gain styles, and neck is reasonably full- not super slim like some SG's. There's a small ding on the lower side, but otherwise it's in great condition, and the case is rather special too!

    USED £895.00

  • Ernie Ball Music Man St Vincent signature w/ rosewood neck

    Wowza- these earlier St Vincent models with the rosewood necks are becoming rather sought after. A trio of Dimarzio mini humbuckers, 5-way switch and the amazingly smooth 2-point trem make this like a supercharged Strat for the Space Age. A super ergonomic and practical design, and the rosewood neck is one of the best feeling we've ever tried- so smooth and effortless to play. Includes a brilliant moulded hardcase.
    This one's somehow suffered a ding on the back when being played in-store- it's about as long as a smallish plectrum, and hidden away on the rear. Otherwise it is as new.

    USED £SOLD Morgan needed me

  • Aria Pro II Fullerton 714 mk.2

    Bargain alert!! We are stunned by the quality and specs of this beautiful Turquoise Blue Aria! Roasted maple neck, Wilkinson hardware, splittable bridge humbucker, sculpted neck heel- the list goes on! It's classy but with some modern features for playability's sake. For the price we don't think they come better than this! It's in excellent condition!

    USED £235.00