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  • New Arrivals​

    ​Updated 18th September 2020

  • G&L ASAT Classic USA

    Leo's finetuned take on the Tele- MFD pickups provide all the clarity you need, but never harsh, whils the 6 saddle bridge makes setting up a breeze. Satin finish night and a beautiful white finish. Includes gigbag

    USED but mint £800

  • Fender Classic Player 60's Stratocaster

    A fantastic Strat that needs no work- custom-shop design with CS '69 pickups, 12" radius and 2-point trem. Sound amazing and plays even better!

    USED w/gigbag £595

  • Gibson ES335 Studio Ebony (single pickup)

    A rare, gothic beauty. Single Dirty Fingers pickup for screaming rock tones- a no frill beast. Good condition, includes original case.

    USED £1195

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2016

    THE classic. This one is beautiful and in immaculate condition. Wonderfully matched top, all case candy. The genuine article, and this is a particularly well-playing example. Includes OG case.

    SOLD £1595

  • Suhr Classic Pro in Inca Silver

    Top quality from the boutique builder. Indian rosewodd on a satin-finished neck, with a 9"-12" compound radius. Gotoh bridge, locking tuners, and SSCII system to reduce single coil hum. This is a beatifully built instrument with true attention to detail paid. A joy to play, and sounds fantastic- great for rock, funk, anything in between! Includes very posh Suhr softcase.

    USED but mint £1995

  • Shergold Masquerader '76

    A special Shergold here- build no. 3! In incredible condition for its age- the black binding is super cool. Great switching options- each pickup is splitable and they can be set to out-of-phase also. A post-punk classic, but just an all-around great, vintage piece that punches way above its weight in gold. Includes non-original hardcase

    USED £799

  • Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster

    Fast becoming a modern classic, these MIC Squier's give even the best Fenders a run for their money! Beautiful pine body, Tonerider pickups and classic 3-barrel bridge have this thing oozing with cool. A great player at any price.

    USED £395

  • Fender Custom Shop Journeyman '63 Telecaster in Sunset Metallic

    A fine example of a CS Telecaster in a stunning finish! Very light use, comes with all case candy. Whilst not exactly vintage correct, it is a truly brilliant Tele that looks and sounds the absolute business.

    USED but mint £2,250

  • 1979 Fender Stratocaster (trem conversion, refin)

    A bargain of a vintage strat- whilst it's been modded it's been done very well. A trans-white refinish over a Northern Ash body, and it's been converted from a hardtail to a trem system- all Fender parts. That aside, it's a fantastic strat that looks and plays awesome. Reassuringly heavy. Includes non-original hardcase.

    USED £1195

  • Epiphone Les Paul 60's Tribute Plus w/ case

    A great top on this one! Legendary stylings with many fantastic upgrades- USA '57 Classic pickups, series/parallel wiring options, Mallory 150 capacitors and switchcraft switches make this a truly outstanding singlecut!

    USED in excellent condiiton- £595

  • Fender USA Standard Stratocaster w/ hardcase

    The go-to for so many players of all genres. Built to be reliable, great-sounding and wonderful-feeling, the USA strat has spanky, clear sounding pickups, a modern, reliable 2 point trem and a wonderful moulded hardcase that could survive an earthquake. Signs of use- the odd ding here and there, but plays great and will make a great go-to player.

    USED £975.00

  • Fender MIM Telecaster w/ hardcase

    A true tried-and-tested classic, the Mexican Telecaster does everything from rock to jazz to funk. The most workhorse-like of all guitars at an affordable price. A pro-level instrument in every respect in a rarer finish- in most lights it's a dark, wine red, yet in others it sparkles. Signs of use, but in very good condition.

    USED £425.00

  • Tokai USG-43

    Another great SG-style import- this one in a very sleek ebony finish. Fast neck and great build quality- this one being made in China. Styled to be more Gibson-esque than its Epi brethren.

    USED £295

  • Grestch 5422T Electromatic w/ case

    Sleek, 50's cool from this affordable but fab sounding hollow body. Blacktop Filter'Tron pickups that are clear sounding, Bigsby vibrato that's super-expressive, and looks that kill. Great condition with hardcase

    USED £595 

  • Tokai SG Custom MIK

    The most beautiful and downright classy of all SG's- these Korean Tokai's are excellent for the pricepoint and have all the right appointments- 3 great sounding humbuckers, gold hardware, and a beautiful ivory finish. Punches way above its weight!

    USED £495.00 on hold for Colin

  • Epiphone '61 SG w/ upgrades

    Classic double cut from Epiphone- this is a '61 style with the smaller scratchplate. A truly solid rock guitar- this one's had locking tuners added.

    USED £250

  • Epiphone Casino w/ hardcase

    Well-made and fab (four) looking! Classic semi-hollow with raunchy sounding p-90's. Epi semi's are always made to impress at any price point, and this one comes with a fantastic, fitted hardcase too.

    USED £495.00

  • Epiphone Riviera '94 (Peerless, MIK)

    These Peerless-made Epi's are incredible- resonant, vintage-inspired neck carves and just downright cool. This one is in great condition and very classy-looking with its frequensator tailpiece. Has also had upgraded Schaller machineheads added at some point. 

    USED £595.00

  • Epiphone 335-Pro 2017

    A fantastic, budget-friendly take on Gibson's most elegant semi-hollow. 5-ply laminated maple/birch top and back, 3-ply sides with mahogany centre block, and a great-sounding, splitable pair of alnico 5 humbuckers that sound punchy and clear. And it looks gorgeous!

    USED but mint £450

  • OLP MM1

    This is a guitar designed for pure, straight-up rock. Based on the Music Man Axis, it's a simple machine but performs way above its contemporaries. The neck is wonderfulyl comfortable, and the pickups are great for chunky chords and sustaining leads. Plus- it's purple!

    USED £150

  • Fender American Original 70's Telecaster Custom

    Incredible new series from Fender- especially now the CuNiFe Wide Range pickups are being reproduced! A top quality Tele Custom with a 9.5' radius, but otherwise vintage correct. Top of the line- better than the original 70's examples! Comes with hardcase and all candy- unplayed!

    USED but MINT £1395

  • Massive Unity 1964 T.A.E amp sim pedal

    1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection, as a highly detailed preamp to your amp´s fx loop return, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp´s input. Available to guitarists and bassists needing both a professional alternative to their amplifiers and/or a responsive backup to their regular rig on an ultra-lightweight package with a real analog experience.

    NEW £250

  • ACLAM Dr. Robert overdrive

    The Dr. Robert is a guitar overdrive pedal based on the Normal channel of the VOX UL730 S/N: 3042 as used by The Beatles. This amp in a box pedal was designed to be the closest replica of the amp’s soul and character. A meticulous process of tracing the original tag board circuits and measuring each component’s value has resulted in a sonic approach never reached before. Artwork by original 'Revlover' artist Klaus Voorman- super cool!

    NEW £299 2 in stock

  • G&L S-500 Tribute

    As always, excellent quality from this S-type designed by the father of the electric guitar Leo Fender. All Tribute series G&L's have excellent pickups and hardware- full and clear sounding but not overly modern. Mahogany body and a beautiful Autumn-burst finish.

    USED £450 with softcase

  • Blade Texas Pro

    Great traditional style S-type from Blade. All the typical features such as alder body, specially-matched single coils, EZ-access truss rod and the excellent VSC-4 system. Premium features on a great-value piece.

    NEW £799

  • Blade RH-2 Classic

    Fantastically versatile S-style guitar with the VSC-4 system and a splitable bridge humbucker. American swamp Ash body, locking tuners and and excellent trem system with well-sized block. And we can't not mention the incredible feeling neck- fast and comfortable with fantastic fretwork! A fab all-rounder

    NEW £1195

  • Vintage VS63 w/ Vibrola

    The Vintage VS63VCR electric guitar is designed for the player who demands a little something extra. Expanding on the exquisite tonal palette of its predecessor, the VS63VCR features a triple pickup configuration, taking you beyond the boundaries of tradition, and presenting you with hitherto unheard tones and new sonic possibilities.

    NEW £489

  • Vintage VS6 w/ Vibrola

    "The Vintage VS6VCR ReIssued Series is a solid body, double cutaway guitar that can turn its hand to anything. Be it rock solid rhythm chords providing the engine room for your sound, drop tunings soaked in fuzz, or soaring lead guitar solos which steal the spotlight, the VS6VCR will astound you with its versatility and vivid array of diverse tones.
    The addition of a Vibrola bridge equips the guitar with even greater means of expression, allowing you to add subtle vibrato and radical pitch bending to single note lines and full chords."

    NEW £429

  • Blade T1 Delta Standard

    Traditional T-style with all the right tonewoods- alder body, maple neck, and great twang from the pickups. Overwound neck position allows more balance, and gives a slightly more compressed tone. Just a solid, great all around Tele that won't break the bank.

    NEW £599

  • Blade THH Delta Thinline

    Fantastic T-style guitar in a very stylish Sunset Purple burst. Ash body and hard rock Maple neck, with the added versatility of a splitable HB in the neck position and the innovative VSC-4 Variable Spectrum Control- a 3-band EQ boost that really allows you to cover all bases with the flick of a switch

    NEW £949

  • Vintage V120

    When it comes down it, no matter what guitar you choose, sound is everything. The Vintage ReIssued Series V120TB is for the players who value tone over anything and everything else, guitarists who are happy to forgo ornate, decorative features when choosing an instrument – players who listen with their ears rather than their eyes. Devastatingly simple and effective, the V120TB employs a single W90SK pickup and straight ahead circuitry, providing good, honest and musical tones night after night.

    NEW £299

  • Vintage V130

    When it comes down it, no matter what guitar you choose, sound is everything. The Vintage ReIssued Series V130CRS is for the players who value tone over anything and everything else, guitarists who are happy to forgo ornate, decorative features when choosing an instrument – players who listen with their ears rather than their eyes.
    Devastatingly simple and effective, the double cut, solid body V130CRS employs a single W90SK pickup and straight ahead circuitry, providing good, honest and musical tones night after night.

    NEW £289

  • Vintage V100AFD

    "The Vintage ReIssued Series V100AFD is designed with only one purpose; to fuel your appetite for rock. A pair of uncovered Wilkinson WVHZ pickups provide this iconic looking axe with enough power to handle any high-gained situation, whilst a set of chrome straplocks ensure that your guitar stays safe and secure, no matter how low slung you like to wear it. With its array of classic rock tones, top spec hardware and 'Tiger stripe' finish, the Vintage ReIssued Series V100AFD is your first class ticket to Sunset Strip, c1987."

    NEW £449