Greco Three pickup 1960's Electric

These are becoming more popular and collectable, made in the same Japanese factories that made the Tiesco guitars this is a loosely based take on a Fender Jaguar. Three flat-top pickups that have a great clear tone, low output but all the better for it. A trem system that is missing it's trem arm and a string mute that works perfectly. Wacky headstock design but super-cool looks thanks to all that chrome. In great condition and plays well. On/off switches for each pickup plus a kill switch - way ahead of it's time!

USED    £495

Greco EGC LP Custom Replica 1977 Cherry Sunburst

This one was made in June 1977 at The Fuji Gen Gakki factory in Japan. All original with an interesting flaw in the finish on the front which has been identifed with a square box around the defect yet still manged to escape the factory. Some cool playing wear but frets are in excellent condition. Original maxon Screamin' pickups which sound great with plenty of detail. A nice accurate cherry sunburst finish and headstock details.

USED £sold I now live with Stuart and his Telecasters

Ibanez Iceman Artist 2663 TC 1978

Super rare in this pickup configuration and superbly well made. The Iceman Artist was introduced in 1975 and is an original Ibanez design that was soon adopted by Paul Stanley of Kiss. This one has a mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard and a unique triple coil pickup with four-way selector switch giving a range of single coil and humbucking tones, very versatile and eye-catching. In great condition and 100% original. Probably not a guitar for country pickers. (Case not included - backdrop for the photo only)

USED £SOLD I now live in France


Burny Les Paul Standard Replica late 1970's

A superb example of a true "lawsuit" guitar. Made in Japan in the late 1970's, - 1977 we think based on the Les Paul script on the headstock this is a great guitar, mahognay body, maple top, mahogany neck with dark rosewood fretboard with real shell inlays. All original and the pickups sound great. Comes witha Hiscox hardcase.
USED £795



Greco EGC LP Custom Replica 1976 

100% original, but missing the scratchplate. This one was made in the Fuji Gen Gakki factory in August 1976. Mahogany body, maple top, mahogany neck with very dark rosewood fretboard that looks like ebony. Real shell block inlays, correct headstock inlay and fret-end binding. The binding has yellowed nicely with age and the gold hardware has faded and tarnished in a cool way, 2 original humbuckers with readings 7.59 K Ohms DC neck and 7.66 KOhms DC bridge.
Plays great with a low action, comes with a brand new gator hardcase with pink lining. This is one of the nicest looking, playing and sounding Greco LP replicas that we have seen. We thought about giving it the Mick Ronson treatment and stripping the top but it is too good to change.

USED £SOLD Connor took me home

Click HERE to watch a demo video of this guitar!

Greco Stratocaster Copy 1979

100% original, lightweight ash body, one piece maple neck, deep fifties style contours, some cool playing wear but a great tone, three position switch means you have to do the old school trick to get the in-between sounds.
USED     £595

webpanel.gifGreco Super Sounds BlackGreco Super Sounds Blackwebpanel.gif

Pearl LP Custom Replica late 1970's

Here we have a nice LP Custom replica from the late 1970's The Pearl brand was short-lived, they also made amplifiers. This guitar has a mahogany body and neck with a solid maple cap on the body. Two powerful humbuckers and a rosewood fretboard. Hardware is all chrome, these guitars were made in Japan in the Matsumoku factory which also made Greco and Aria guitars. Twwed case not included but comes with original black hardcase with yellow ( Teddy Bear) lining.

    USED £495


Greco EGC 700 LP Custom 1987

Here we have a 1987 Greco LP Custom in ebony black with gold hardware. This is a three pickup model with the factory original wiring that gives bridge, bridge and middle reverse phase and neck; just like the Gibson 50's originals. The guitar is in very good condition with the long neck tenon joint, and all mahogany construction. The pickups sound fabulous and the neck is a slim-wide  profile. Comes with original Greco gigbag.

SOLD Bob looks after me now

Greco EGC 700 LP CustomGreco EGC 700 LP CustomGreco EGC 700 LP Customwebpanel.gif

Greco EG 600 LP Standard 1976

Here we have a very early Greco LP Standard, these were the guitars that prompted the so-called Lawsuit from the USA makers at the end of the Seventies. This guitar has a mahogany back, maple top with some slight flame figuring, finished in iced tea sunburst. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fretboard and real shell inlays. With these early guitars some of the details are not 100% vintage correct - like the block inlays instead of crown and the comfort contour on the back of the body. However when you plug it in it shows what all the fuss was about at the time, a real depth of tone and sustain, the bridge is a U 3000 Greco pickup and the neck humbucker is origional but has no model number - but sounds good. There is some crazing to the lacquer on the back of the body and the odd dent and dink in the finish but the frets are in great condition. The machine heads are original Greco branded Grover style but there are holes where Kluson style tuners have been fitted at some point. Comes with original Greco gigbag.

USED £SOLD Kevin added me to his collection

Greco EG 600 LP standard 1976greco EG 600 LP StandardGreco EG 600 LP Standard 1976Greco EG 600 LP Standard 1976webpanel.gif

Greco AH - 2 Semi Acoustic

A very rare guitar in exceptional original condition. This guitar was acquired from the second owner who bought it from the original owner who bought it new in 1967 for $109.50 - it still has the original price tag. The guitar is virtually unplayed and has its original hard case, and a copy of the Greco Guitars catalogue from 1967. The guitar is very well made with solid hardware and electronics. We reckon you won't find another in this condition anywhere.

USED £495


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