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  • Tokai ATE102-CM Ice Blue Metallic

    More Tokai Japan goodness- this time in a beautiful metallic custom colour and coming with a deep, dark rosewood board! As usual this is a stellar Tele type- all the twang you need and built to exacting standards. Headstock adjustable truss rod for ease of maintenance. Great condition and player!

    USED £795.00

  • Tokai Japan Paisley TTE

    Pretty in pink! Though it's actually more of a purple- either way, this Paisley Strat is 60's all over! Fantastic vintage style alnico pickups, a fast maple neck and fretboard, and a captivating look that will get heads turning. Immaculate condition with original tweed hardcase

    USED £990.00

  • Tokai TTE-PR/M Paisley

    Far out! A true child of the 60's- this rarely seen finish jumps out at you like you wouldn't believe! It's so well done- an intricate pattern with beautiful silvers, purples, greens- gorgeous! That aside, it also happens to be a fab player- think mid 60's feeling, classic Tele here. Includes tweed hardcase.

    NEW £1595.00

  • Tokai Japan UES115 BB 2007

    A fantastic semi from Tokai Japan! Classic 335 style, gorgeous block inlays and a beautiful ebony finish. ABR-1 style bridge, PAF-style pickups- you won't find a G*bson of this quality for twice the price! Includes original hardcase (one latch broken, doesn't impact the usability) and original warranty card/trussrod cover

    USED £1195.00

  • Tokai TST95 Goldstar Sound Fiesta Red

    A classic 50's-inspired aesthetic! The single ply white guard and small headstock are iconic, and as always this MIJ Tokai is made flawlessly. The neck is more a rounded 60's profile rather than the 'V''s of some 50's reissues, and is wonderful to play as always. Includes Tokai tweed hardcase

    NEW £1275.00

  • Tokai TST104 Goldstar Sound w/ matching headstock Sonic Blue

    Strats with matching headstocks are the bee's knees, and this one is damn fine! Wonderful feeling 60's RI type, with a comfy neck and gorgeous dark rosewood board. The finish is, for lack of a better word, cute as hell. It's a little more 'Daphne' than 'Sonic', but either way it's killer! Includes tweed hardcase

    NEW £1375.00

  • Tokai ULS136F

    Can't get better than a classic 'burst! This one has a beautifully matched flame maple top that really dances in the light! As usual- fab pickups, comfy but substantial neck, just an all-round fantastic Lester! Brand new with hardcase and COA

    NEW £1695.00

  • Tokai 129MVF matte-finish Violinburst

    A gorgeous feeling and sounding singlcut! The matte finish really takes these to the CS level without any of the relicing business. Super smooth! All the typical Tokai goodness in spades- og hardcase and COA included.

    NEW £1595.00

  • Tokai ULC136 Wine Red

    Another beautiful Tokai Japan Singlecut! Gorgeous, deep dark-red finish, and amazing construction and tones as we've come to expect. Maple cap, rosewood board, PAF mk.2 pickups and proper full-size pots and cloth wiring. Just stunning! Includes hardcase and COA

    NEW £1795.00

  • Tokai TST95 Lake Placid Blue

    A beautiful metallic Lake Placid Blue over alder body, maple neck, dark rosewood fretboard with impeccable fret job, alnico pickups and it sounds and plays great, everything you would want - resonant, chimey, a nice thump on the bass notes and sweet treble. Vintage style six saddle bridge with big trem block. Comes with Tweed case

    NEW £1275

  • Tokai UES198 Cherry Red

    Another beautiful 60's style ES-type! Maple top back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, nickel hardware, two PAF MK 2 pickups, plays and sounds superb. Comes with hardcase and COA

    NEW £2578 our price £2364 

  • Tokai Hard Puncher bass MIJ

    We are blown away by this- the first brand new Japanese Tokai bass we've had in. Stunning 60's-style P-bass with vintage specs. Fantastic looking tort, lightweight, Gotoh hardware and a super comfy neck that fills the hand without being too beastly. Includes a tweed hardcase

    NEW £1295

  • Tokai ULC136BB 

    A classic in black! Akin to a '50s reissue with the abr-1 style bridge, PAF mk.2 humbuckers, but with a maple top for a bit of a punchier sound. Impeccable MIJ build quality as usual, and with the gorgeous Tokai hardcase.

    NEW £1795.00- 2 available

  • Tokai Japan ULSS124 TV Yellow

    Made in Japan, mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard with binding, two P90 pickups that sound great and a lovely translucent TV Yellow finish. Accurate 50's neck profile and it sounds great, very very resonant and feels superb.Comes with hardcase

    NEW RRP £1670 our price £1529

  • Tokai Japan UES 198 Teaburst

    We love this finish, this is a limited run with block markers, 60's style. Maple top back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, nickel hardware, two PAF MK 2 pickups, plays and sounds superb. Comes with hardcase

    NEW RRP £2578 our price £2364 (one left)

  • Tokai Japan AJM 140 Sunburst

    A new model from Tokai Japan, ash body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, alnico pickups and extremely good build quality (as you would expect from Tokai Japan) Plays very well and sounds great.A fabulous three-colour sunburst

    NEW £1295

  • Tokai LS129 GT Japan

    For the price this must be one of the finest LP's we've played! It's a perfect weight, and the neck is a nice, 50's-esque thickness without being clunky. All the typical Tokai craftmanship is here in spades. There's a couple of dings on the lower bout that are exceptionally hard to photograph, which must have happened in the shop, so this one is essentially N.O.S. Includes OG hardcase and COA

    N.O.S £1195