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  • Rickenbacker

  • Rickenbacker 360 Pillar Box Red

    New for 2019 in this very limited edition colour Pillar Box Red, only for the UK. The usual maple body and through neck with lacquered maple fretboard and snowdrift inlays, high gain siingle coil pickups and the classic Ric chime and jangle. Impeccable build quality as always with Rickenbacker.

    NEW £2899

  • Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Matte Black

    This is a new colour for Rickenbacker in 2019, we like it a lot, even the fretboard is in a matte finish lacquer. Classic Ric bass tone and the pull pot for vintage and modern tones.

    NEW £2495

  • Rickenbacker 660 Midnight

    A very glamourous and classy guitar, this one has a lovely reddidh brown rosewood fretboard with snowdrift inlays, chequered binding, and gold scratchplate and truss rod cover. Maple/walnut through neck and maple body with two toaster top pickups, plays extremely well and has all the classic Ric tones

    NEW £2679

  • We have  some new but old stock Rickenbackers that we need to move on so we are applying some very attractive discounts on those models, we've indicated which guitars they are and show the previous and new discounted price against each

  • Rickenbacker 330 Fireglo

    The classic Ric - maple semi hollow body, maple and walnut neck, lacquered rosewood fretboard and stunning Fireglo finish, slight flame in the maple top, jangle and chime aplenty and a lovely gritty bite with a bit of volume on the amp.

    NEW £1995

  • Rickenbacker 330 British Racing Green Limited Run

    Only 25 made of these special order 330's in British Racing Green only for the UK, fitted with toaster top pickups and the standard maple top back and sides with maple through neck construction. These very limited edition guitars come with the deluxe silver case with blue lining. This is the last one of the three we had, very minor finish imperfection on the back edge hence the discounted price:

    NEW list price £2885, our price £2595

  • Rickenbacker 381 V69 Mapleglo New Old Stock

    Very limited edition with only 6 in the UK, flame maple body, chamfered back and front, checquer binding, rosewood fretboard, maple neck with vintage inlays. A totally stunning guitar in every respect. Comes with deluxe Rickenbacker hardcase

    NEW £5399 Reduced to £3250

  • Rickenbacker 360 Ruby Red Metallic New Old Stock

    Totally gorgeous in this finish, semi-hollow maple body, maple neck with lacquered rosewood fretboard, fantastic playablity and the usual exceptional Rickenbacker build quality, play it and you will want one

    NEW £2729 Reduced to £2250

  • Rickenbacker 330/12 Midnight Blue Metallic New Old Stock

    The definitive 12 string guitar, pefect playability, maple body finished in one of our favourite Ric finishes - midnight blue metallic. Rosewood fretboard with a nice grain, two pickups and jangle and chime in spades

    NEW £2689 Reduced to £2000

  • Rickenbacker 620 Fireglo New Old Stock

    We love these 620's, thru-neck construction, flawless finish, great tone and unmistakable Rickenbacker chime. Maple body, maple neck with lacquered rosewood fretboard. Comes with RIC hardcase

    NEW £1999​​ Reduced to £1600

  • Rickenbacker 330 Walnut

    We love these walnut body Rickenbackers, the walnut gives a slightly warmer tone compared with teh traditional maple bodied Rics. Maple neck, two single coil pickups and plays extremely well. This one has a lovely book-matched back.

    NEW SOLD I now live with Tom

  • Rickenbacker 330/12 Walnut New Old Stock

    A beautiful Ric 330/12 in Walnut, the Walnut Rickenbackers are made from solid walnut, routed out from the back and then a Walnut bookmatched back is added, they sound warmer than the maple-bodied Rickenbackers and this one is a peach, maple neck and all finished in sating lacquer, this one has a stunning bookmatched back - see the photos

    NEW £SOLD I now live with Jack

  • Rickenbacker 370/12 Midnight

    We love the gorgeous midnight blue metallic finish on this guitar, the 370 has three single coils, maple top, back and sides and the trademark Rickenbacker maple and walnut neck. Rosewood fretboard and snowdrift position markers. The definitive 12 string electric guitar, and it sounds and plays great.

    NEW £SOLD Brian Looks after me now and says he loves me

  • Rickenbacker 620 Midnight Blue Metallic 2010

    This guitar really is in as-new condition with no marks, wear or scuffs at all. made in 2010 with original hardcase and tags and Rickenbacker polishing cloth. We love this Midnight Blue finish that Rickenbacker do from time to time. All set up with 10-46 strings, plays great with a low action and sounds very Rickenbacker with plenty of chime, a bit more sustain than the hollow body Ric's and makes for a good altrernative lead guitar for those that like to be different

    USED but Mint £SOLd Andy took me home