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  • Rickenbacker

  • Rickenbacker 620/12 Fireglo 12-string

    One of the best playing, and generally coolest, 12-strings money can buy. Lovely neck width, jangley but versatile high-gain pickups, and THAT iconic headstock/tailpiece. Maple body with thru neck and the wonderful 'cresting wave' design. Built in the USA to exacting standards as per all Ric pieces. Very Tom Petty in the classic Fireglo finish. Brand new with case and candy.

    NEW £2495

  • Rickenbacker 650C Colorado

    An oddity within the Ric family- far more traditional feeling and modern sounding with its HB-1 humbucking pickups. Far easier to play than most Rics, with it's neck being less flat and easier to bend on. Great weight to it- feels like a truly solid piece of gear! Incredible condition w/ hardcase & candy

    USED but mint £1800

  • Rickenbacker 330 Matte Black

    A classic semi-hollow in an ultra-modern finish! The 330 is an all-American icon. High gain pickups that snarl and jangle, and that iconic body shape. The matte black finish really makes this one something special- quite evil looking in a delightful way!

    NEW £2179

  • Rickenbacker 325V59 made in 1990

    We have updated this description following feedback, we originally thought it was a C58 but now we know it is a V59. A replica of John Lennon's legendary Ric from the Hamburg era! afrter he swapped the Kaufmann vibrola for the Bigsby. The V59 has a Maple body, 20.75" scale, 3 bright and spanky toaster pickups, factory fitted Bigsby and radio style knobs just like John's. These are becoming extremely sought after and collectible- they're era-correct and fabulous. Includes hardcase and strap


  • Rickenbacker 360 Pillar Box Red

    New for 2019 in this very limited edition colour Pillar Box Red, only for the UK. The usual maple body and through neck with lacquered maple fretboard and snowdrift inlays, high gain siingle coil pickups and the classic Ric chime and jangle. Impeccable build quality as always with Rickenbacker.

    NEW £SOLD Jamie had to have me