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  • Fender & Gretsch Guitars

  • Fender USA Standard Stratocaster 1997 Sunburst

    In excellent condition, all original, alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, sorry no case but we have cases available in tweed and black Tolex

    USED £895

  • Fender Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

    In totally mint condition, pine body, maple neck, Tonerider pickups that sound great, no longer made in China. A great Telecaster that plays and sounds as good as the USA made guitars

    USED (but mint) £425

  • ​Fender Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster

    Here's another CV Telecaster, also In totally mint condition, pine body, maple neck, Tonerider pickups that sound great, no longer made in China. A great Telecaster that plays and sounds as good as the USA made guitars

    USED (but mint) £425

  • Fender Squier Simon Neil Stratocaster

    In great condition, fiesta red, rosewood fretboard, alnico 3/5 pickups, a great strat for the money, no longer in productin and quite sought after

    USED £375

  • Fender USA Vintage Reissue '59 Stratocaster Sherwood Green

    In as-new condition with brown Tolex case and all case candy, alder body in a stunning metallic Sherwood Green nitro-cellulose lacquer. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and clay dots. Specially voiced '59 pickups.

    USED (but mint) £1550

  • Fender USA Telecaster Standard Natural

    In excellent condition, made in 2010, ash body, maple neck, six saddle bridge, alnico pickups, has all the bite and twang you would expect from a Telecaster, Comes with original fender hardcase

    USED £895

  • Fender Telecaster Natural 1975

    In good used condition, ash body, maple neck, original pickups and hardware, this guitar has been refretted with Dunlop 6105 frets, and has had two new replacement 1 meg pots and a Sprague capacitor. The saddles have also been replaced with original style steel saddles. Plays very well and is very resonant, sounds great with plenty of twang and bite from the bridge pickup and a great bluesy tone from the neck pickup. Comes with new Fender Tolex hardcase

    USED £1995

  • Fender USA Jazzmaster FSR with Bigsby Olympic White

    Only made in 2016 this Factory Special Run Jazzmaster has a factory fitted Bigsby and tunamatic bridge, which lends it more sustain and a fatter tone than the original tailpiece and bridge does. 100% original with no changes, not for the purist offset fans maybe but a very useable guitar and distinctive voicing from the '65 spec pickups, great tuning stability. This one is light and resonant and the neck is a comfortable C profile and plays very well. Some dings on the edge of the body but otherwise in good condition. Comes with a tweed hardcase.

    USED £SOLD Lee took me home

  • Fender Telecaster 1969 with Bigsby in Olympic White

    In extremely good condition for a 50 year old, 100% original with factory fitted F branded Bigsby and recessed bridge. Ash body, maple neck with F Tuners with the hole in the bottom, the original scratchplate has the pearloid backing and has warped, the previous owner has installed a black scratchplate, the photos show both. Minimal playing wear and frets are in great condition, the back of the neck is very clean as is the body. A felt self-adhesive pad has been put on the back to protect from buckle rash. Comes with non-original hardcase

    USED £5995

  • Fender Custom Shop '52 Heavy Relic Telecaster

    Made in 2018. This is an Anderton's spec guitar in mint condition (yes we know it's a bit strange as it is a relic) RRP is over £3500. Swamp ash body, quartersawn maple neck with fat 52 profile, jumbo frets with 9.5 inch radius. Twisted Tele neck pickup and Nocaster bridge pickup. Aged Lake Placid Blue nitro-cellulose finish and tortoiseshell pickguard. Comes with case and all the case candy and spec sheet and COA

    USED £2895

  • Fender Stratocaster Hardtail 1973 Sunburst

    In good used condition with plenty of wear on the body that has been lacquered over clear many years ago. Pickups date from 1973, grey bottom and sound fantastic, the middle pickup has been rewound. Original three way switch has been replaced with a five way at some point and one of the tone pots has also been replaced. The original frets are showing some wear but it plays very well with a low action and no buzzing. The machine heads have the hole in the underside. This is a great Strat, lightweight, resonant and sounds fantastic. Comes with non-original hardcase

    USED £2495

  • Fender Mustang Dakota Red 1966

    In good but used condition with original hardcase, all original and sounds absolutely sublime. Frets are in excellent condition and everything works properly as it should. Some wear on the body and paint chips and dings all over. 

    USED £1895

  • Fender  '50's Stratocaster Reissue All-Lacquer Made in Mexico 2018

    In excellent unplayed condition with original tweed case, ash body, one-piece maple neck with vintage tint. This is one of the all nitro-cellulose lacquer finish guitars made in Mexico and it is a lovely strat. Alnico pickups and vintage style six screw bridge.

    USED (but mint) £695

  • Fender Squier Telecaster Metallic Black 2003

    Identical to the 20th anniversary Squier guitars apart from the neck plate which is a standard Squier. Black metallic finish and sintered saddles on the bridge. In excellent condition and plays and sounds great.

    USED £275

  • Fender Strat Plus Sunburst 1990 /99

    In good condition withs some wear on the back of the body, frets in excellent condition, all original with blue, silver and red Lace Sensor pickups. Ash body in sunburst with one-piece maple neck. Sounds great with  classic  strat tones and the Lace Sensors work very well with overdrive. Comes with non-original hardcase.We understand fender serial numbers are a bit confusing around 1990 so although the serai number reads as 1999 we believe this guitar is sactually a 1990 Strat Plus

    USED £995

  • Fender Baja Telecaster Butterscotch 2018

    In as-new condition apart from a very small ding on the bottom edge on the back. Ash body, maple neck, S1 switch to give maximum tone options from the pickups. classic Tele tones and more and it looks great. Comes with original Fender gigbag

    USED £645

  • Fender Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Signature Stratocaster 2010

    In as-new condition; which seems a very strange description given the accuracy of the relicing and wear! Comes with case candy unopened and COA, alder body, maple neck. 100% original includfing the mismatched machine heads, plays extremely well and sounds glorious

    USED but not abused £2995

  • Gretsch Black Phoenix Brian Setzer 2005

    In excellent condition and a great looking guitar that plays and sounds fabulous. Made in 2005, it comes with the original case and all the case candy and certificate. The Black Phoenix is similar spec to the White Falcom but with a black finish and silver sparkle binding and chrome hardware.The Brian Setzer model has one volume and a three way selector switch for simple no-nonsense player friendly use

    USED (but not abused) £2495