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  • Fender & Gretsch Guitars

  • Fender USA Vintage Reissue '58 Telecaster White Blonde

    A very nice Telecaster in classic white blonde, ash body, maple neck with '58 profile, nitro-cellulose finish, fitted with two Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. This is a light guitar and very resonant, plays very well and sounds as good as any Custom Shop telecaster. There are a few dings to the finish on the body. Comes with original tweed case and documents.

    USED £1295​

  • Fender JV Squier Stratocaster 1983 Fiesta Red

    One of the very early Squier JV vintage reissues from 1983, play this guitar and you understand what all the fuss was about at the time, lightweight ash body, maple neck with a very soft V profile, USA alnico pickups (original) and traditional six-point tremolo. A very resonant and playable guitar that holds its own agianst the USA Vintage Reissues. Comes with Gator tweed hardcase

    USED £795

  • Gretsch Penguin Broadway Jade 2015

    In totally mint condition with no playing wear at all, beautiful colour and quite rare, Filtertron pickups, Gresatch branded Bigsby, ebont fretboard with thumbnail position markers, plays extremely well and sounds glorious. Comes with original hardcase and all the documents

    USED (but mint) £2495

  • Gretsch White Falcon 2007

    In totally mint condition with hardcase and documents. This guitar has hardly been played and has spent most of its life to date in the case. Two Filtertron pickups, Bigsby, ebony fretboard and gold hardware.This is the Fifties style guitar with full body depth and hollow body - unlike the new player versions which have the thinner body and centre block

    USED but mint £2495

  • FENDER  Custom Shop '59 ESQUIRE 

    A lovely Esquire in closet classic finish,ash body finished in lightly aged seafoam green, "59 profile maple neck. Comes with case and all case candy, totally mint

    USED but mint £2200​

  • Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Telecaster 2013

    Cherry Sunburst finish over one-piece ash, edge bound body, maple neck, comes with case and all case candy, totally mint condition.

    USED but absolutely mint £2200

  • Fender '72 Telecaster Custom Reissue 2006

    In good used condition, ash body, maple neck, wide range humbucker in the neck and classic alnico bridge pickup. Some lacquer damage on teh back of the body, plays very well 

    USED £495 On hold for Ray

  • Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Olympic White

    In good condition with a few dings on the back, 24 inch scale length, and classic Jaguar pickups and switching.

    USED £225

  • Fender Standard Stratocaster "Gilmourised"

    In good condition and with single ply scratchplate with the recessed mini-switch for selecting bridge and neck pickups together or all three pickups. Alder body, maple neck and three single coil pickups.

    USED £395

  • Fender Squier Japan Stratocaster 1986

    In good condition with some dings and dents to the body and some lacquer wear on the neck, frets are in good condition and it plays very well with a large-sh rounded neck profile which is very comfortable

    USED £295

  • Fender Japan Squier Stratocaster 1986

    A really good Strat from the classic Squier years, solid body - alder we think, one piece maple neck with a nice rounded back profile larger than the modern C profile, frets in excellent condition but some wear on the fretboard lacquer., lots of dings and scuff marks on the body. Traditional six saddle tremolo with vintage string spacing. Plays great and sounds great too.

    USED £295