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  • Fender, Squier & Gretsch Guitars

  • Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Custom 2006

    These Mexican Fenders are often built better than their 70's originals! With the vintage 7.5" radius this is arguably the most accurate reproduction Fender has made! Classic Tele sounds from the bridge pickup with a warm, fat tone from the Wide Range-style neck pickup. Excellent condition and includes a gigbag

    USED £SOLD Andy took me!

  • Fender USA Standard Telecaster 2006

    Giving big 70's vibes in its Natural Ash finish, this American Tele is no frills and delivers all the spanky, glassy goodness that a Tele should! Good condition- there's some milkiness in the finish that we have tried to get out where possible so please see the pictures for a closer look. This 60th anniversary year Tele includes a Fender hardcase

    USED £ON HOLD for David

  • Fender MIM Standard Stratocaster 2013

    THE classic mid-level Strat. Does everything a Strat should, and this one's in practically unplayed condition! Sounds glassy and precise, with a gorgeous feeling neck and fantastic Mexican build quality.

    USED £450.00

  • Fender AV52 American Vintage Telecaster- limited run 1999

    A limited run of these AV52's were produced in the late 90's- very striking in it's 2-tone sunburst and gold hardware glory! That aside, it's a classic 50's Tele- beautiful, fat, rolled maple neck, gorgeous nitro finish and all the classic Tele sounds inside. Great condition for a 22 year old guitar- signs of modest use but very well looked after, though some of the gold hardware is showing signs of age. Includes OG tweed case and the ashtray bridge cover.

    USED £1495

  • Fender MIM Telecaster 2018

    The utilitarian classic! Lovely arctic white finish and a super comfy maple neck w/ pau ferro fretboard. In fantastic condition with gigbag.

    USED £450.00

  • Squier Korea Stratocaster 1994

    A lightweight Strat that's aged wonderfully to a Malmsteen-esque Custard colour! Upgraded with Dean Lace pickups that spank and sound great when driven!
    Flatter neck than some- fab for faster playing styles. Great condition for its age, with just a few signs of play wear as you'd expect.

    USED £350

  • Fender Custom Shop Journeyman '63 Telecaster in Sunset Metallic

    A fine example of a CS Telecaster in a stunning finish! Very light use, comes with all case candy. Whilst not exactly vintage correct, it is a truly brilliant Tele that looks and sounds the absolute business.

    USED but mint £2,250

  • Gretsch 5236-T Pro Jet

    Very flash and sounds gutsy as hell. These older Pro Jets are of superb quality- this one feels very much like a decent LP in weight, but with a great punch from the Gretschbuckers. In used condition, with a few marks on the front and back of the headstock.

    USED £495