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  • Fender, Squier & Gretsch Guitars

  • Fender Telebration '75 Block Telecaster 2011

    Made as a limited run of 500 to celebrate 60 years of the Telecaster, this US-made Tele takes the best bits of the '72 Telecaster and the '75 Jazz bass to make something all of its own! Block inlays, a gorgeous Ash body, a comfort carve on the front and a vintage 7.25" radius make this a beautiful playing and unique looking guitar- with a Wide Range-style humbucker in the neck and a custom shop '62 Tele bridge pickup giving you girth or growl. Near-mint condition with a moulded Fender hardcase and all the candy!

    USED but mint £SOLD Trevor took me home!

  • Fender AV52 American Vintage Telecaster- limited run 1999

    A limited run of these AV52's were produced in the late 90's- very striking in it's 2-tone sunburst and gold hardware glory! That aside, it's a classic 50's Tele- beautiful, fat, rolled maple neck, gorgeous nitro finish and all the classic Tele sounds inside. Great condition for a 22 year old guitar- signs of modest use but very well looked after, though some of the gold hardware is showing signs of age. Includes OG tweed case and the ashtray bridge cover.

    USED £1495

  • Squier Korea Stratocaster 1994

    A lightweight Strat that's aged wonderfully to a Malmsteen-esque Custard colour! Upgraded with Dean Lace pickups that spank and sound great when driven!
    Flatter neck than some- fab for faster playing styles. Great condition for its age, with just a few signs of play wear as you'd expect.

    USED £SOLD Mike grabbed me!

  • Gretsch 5236-T Pro Jet

    Very flash and sounds gutsy as hell. These older Pro Jets are of superb quality- this one feels very much like a decent LP in weight, but with a great punch from the Gretschbuckers. In used condition, with a few marks on the front and back of the headstock.

    USED £495