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  • Vintage Japanese Guitars

  • Aria Pro II RS Deluxe-V Japan

    The 80's called... and it's here to stay! Such a cool red-sparkle finish on this screamin' Strat type from the Matsumoku factory. 3 hot single coils that look remarkably like Dimarzios. Fast maple neck, gold hardware... it's like a Shadows signature model for Satan himself. Amazing condition for a 80's era guitar too!

    USED £395

  • Strat-style partcaster w/ Greco/Fender parts

    A partscaster that has some serious mojo going on. Vintage 80's Greco neck (4-bolt, big headstock) with a Fender Jimi hendrix body and USA standard electronics. This plays fantastically- the neck is well worn and so feels very much like a vintage instrument. Naughty, but very nice.

    USED £595.00