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  • Vintage Japanese Guitars

  • Aria Pro II RS Deluxe-V Japan

    The 80's called... and it's here to stay! Such a cool red-sparkle finish on this screamin' Strat type from the Matsumoku factory. 3 hot single coils that look remarkably like Dimarzios. Fast maple neck, gold hardware... it's like a Shadows signature model for Satan himself. Amazing condition for a 80's era guitar too!

    USED £395

  • Greco Supersounds made in Japan 1976

    Made in November 1976 in the Fuji Gen Gakki factory. Those in the know know that these Greco Fender replicas became the much sought after first JV Squiers. This one is in incredible condition with original bridge cover. Specs are late Sixties with four-bolt neck, heel adjusting truss rod,  three-way switch, alnico pickups and tremolo block with the shallow string hole recesses. it has an accurate three colour sunburst and feels, plays and sounds fabulous.

    USED £675

  • Strat-style partcaster w/ Greco/Fender parts

    A partscaster that has some serious mojo going on. Vintage 80's Greco neck (4-bolt, big headstock) with a Fender Jimi hendrix body and USA standard electronics. This plays fantastically- the neck is well worn and so feels very much like a vintage instrument. Naughty, but very nice.

    USED £595.00