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  • Miscellaneous FX

  • Thomas Organ Cry Baby Model 95 Wah Pedal 1976

    The undisputed king of saucy tones! The most used wah-wah of all time. There's not too much to say about this classic- it's the quintessential wah pedal! Great condition for the age, no box.

    USED £170.00

  • Free The Tone HB-2 Heat Blaster distortion

    A fantastically responsive high-gain distortion. Made to emulate a USA-style, fire-breathing amp, the Low & Hi cut switches allow you to tailor your tone to suit your guitar without needing overtly complex eq options! And whilst it simply screams, it also cleans up amazingly with the volume knob! Superbly made, and hand signed by the reputable builder! Mint condition with box.

    USED (but mint) £199

  • Rotosound UK-made Handwired pedals- last remaining stock!

    A fab range of vintage-inspired modulation and compressor pedals here- all handwired and built in the UK! All of them are built around vintage inspired circuits, and are housed in some rather tasty looking boxes like the old Sola Sound fuzzes! Great discounts on these due to them being the last remaining stock in the UK. Add some colour to your effects selection!

    Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo: £90

    Compressor: £110

  • ACLAM Dr. Robert overdrive

    The Dr. Robert is a guitar overdrive pedal based on the Normal channel of the VOX UL730 S/N: 3042 as used by The Beatles. This amp in a box pedal was designed to be the closest replica of the amp’s soul and character. A meticulous process of tracing the original tag board circuits and measuring each component’s value has resulted in a sonic approach never reached before. Artwork by original 'Revlover' artist Klaus Voorman- super cool!

    NEW £299 

  • Massive Unity 1964 T.A.E amp sim pedal

    1964 is a full analog amplifier simulator for line connection, as a highly detailed preamp to your amp´s fx loop return, or even an impressive tube sounding booster/overdrive to your amp´s input. Available to guitarists and bassists needing both a professional alternative to their amplifiers and/or a responsive backup to their regular rig on an ultra-lightweight package with a real analog experience.

    NEW £250

  • MXR Auto Wah M120 New

    Made in USA. Professional standard auto wah. Selectable frequency band. Controls for range, Q, volume, decay, blend and rate.

    NEW £130

  • BBE G Screamer


  • BBE Free Fuzz new


  • Carl Martin Pre-Band Parametric Pre-Amp


  • Diago Little Smasher New


  • Ironman Dirty Harry

    Exclusive to The Little Guitar Shop, these hand-made, hard-wired pedals are true bypass, external power supply only. From crunch to filthy with one knob.


  • Son of Hyde Distortion

    Used £70

  • Vintage FX K.G.B.


  • Mooer Pedal Case

    Specifically designed to house 5 Mooer FX Pedals. The case is compact with detachable lid and has inbuilt power connectors to power the pedals straight through the board.


  • Mooer Blue Faze

    A smooth, vintage fuzz soundFull metal shell. Very small! True bypass.

    New £49

  • Mooer Triangle Buff

    Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound, very nice fuzz tone Full metal shell. True bypass.

    New £59