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  • Bass Guitars

  • Gibson Grabber G3 1978 Natural

    In good condition with upgrades carrie dout by Jaydee Guitars in Birmingham many years ago- Badass bridge, brass plate fitted to the back of the headstock to increase the mass and aid sustain, plays and sounds fantastic. Comes with bright red moulded hardcase

    USED £1195

  • Fender Precision Fretless Bass Circa 1975

    A very nice and quite rare factory original fretless Precision Bass (which is  a bit of an oxymoron) it has been refinished in dark blue metallic and has had the bridge changed to a Badass, Plays very well and sounds great. Comes with non-original hardcase

    USED £1295

  • Hutchins Violin Bass Sunburst

    In good condition with tweed hardcase, maple top, back and sides, classic violin bass controls, rosewood fretboard, plays and sounds very good

    USED £295