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  • Bass Guitars

  • Gibson Grabber G3 1978 Natural

    In good condition with upgrades carrie dout by Jaydee Guitars in Birmingham many years ago- Badass bridge, brass plate fitted to the back of the headstock to increase the mass and aid sustain, plays and sounds fantastic. Comes with bright red moulded hardcase

    USED £1195

  • Fender Precision Fretless Bass Circa 1975

    A very nice and quite rare factory original fretless Precision Bass (which is  a bit of an oxymoron) it has been refinished in dark blue metallic and has had the bridge changed to a Badass, Plays very well and sounds great. Comes with non-original hardcase

    USED £1295

  • Rickenbacker Fretless Bass Blueburst 2007

    In near mint condition with one small ding on the headstock edge. Factory original fretless bass (no longer in the catalogue) fabulous blueburst finish and plays and sounds fantastic, this one has the vintage/modern pull pot. Comes with original hardcase

    USED but mint £1695