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  • Bass Guitars

  • Fender 1982 International Series Jazz in Sienna Burst

    One of the very last of the international colours- quite the rarity! Beautiful blocks and bound neck, idiosyncratic white plastics, plays absolutely gorgeously and even has the original ashtray bridge cover. Excellent condition for its age with non-original hardcase.

    USED £1995.00

  • Baldwin (Burns) Shadows bass '65-'70

    A real rarity! Designed to keep up the uniform-nature of The Shadows after Hank had his signature guitar built, this was designed for John Rostill, with a short run being built by Baldwin from '65-'70. An unusual through-body design, and that classic multi-guard Burns styling. It's showing signs of age as you'd expect, but in full working condition. 

    USED £1825

  • Fender Jazz Bass V MIM

    Let’s get low! Some nice touches to this one, such as Gotoh hardware and the deep Cobalt Blue finish. It’s in excellent condition- a nice traditionally styled 5 string at an affordable price.

    USED £SOLD Jake took me home!

  • Fender 1973 Precision Bass

    A fantastic vintage P-bass here! It's seen a fair share of use but has only 1 previous owner. 
    -Non original scratchplate & pots
    -Non original hardcase
    That aside all is as should be- original pickup provides that classic Precision Bass punch, and the original nitro finish has aged beautifully.

    USED £2995

  • Fender Precision Bass fretless- 1978

    This '78 fretless Fender Precision plays great and is in top working condition, playability-wise!
    As is often-seen with finishes from this period, it is susceptible to finish checking and cracking. However, some may say this simply adds to the vintage mojo... either way, it's a cracking vintage fretless!
    Includes non-original hardcase

    USED £1795