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  • Amps

  • Egnator Tweaker 88 Head

    The Tweaker 88 is a quasi four channel (2 channels with individual boost), 88-watt amp driven by two robust KT-88 power tubes and four hand selected 12AX7 preamp tubes.  Recently awarded the coveted Guitar Player’s Editor’s Pick Award and Guitar World’s Gold Award, this flagship amp allows you to personalize every aspect of your tone. The thirteen on-board Tweaker switches offer a seemingly endless palette of tonal variations. The boost channels can either be set for clean boost or volume + gain boost for your soaring solos. From lush classic clean to all out shred, the Tweaker-88 has the power and control to satisfy your jones for tone.  A rugged 4-button footswitch is included.

    VINTAGE/ MODERN: Transforms the feel from classic rock to modern edge
    USA / AC / BRIT: Choose American, British or AC EQ
    BOOST SELECT: Select Clean Boost or Volume + Gain Boost
    TIGHT & BRIGHT: Shapes the low and high-end response
    HOT / CLEAN: Select low or high gain
    MID CUT: Sculpts the critical midrange

    USED but mint £495

  • Supro Black Magick Head and Cab

    One of the nicest gig-worthy rigs we've had in the shop, 25 watts, two channels, channel linking options, tremolo. The Black Magick is the recreation of the famed Supro used by Jimmy Page on the early Led Zep albums. The sound is pure classic rock and blues, touch sensitive and an open airey tone that compresses when you turn it up. The cab houses a Supro 12" speaker rated at 8 ohms, run two and its an unbeatable tone.

    NEW Head £1295, Cab £519 each

  • Vox AC30 Custom Classic CC2

    All valve with two channels and reverb, Celestion speakers, footswitch and lead, includes heavy duty vinyl cover

    USED £495

  • Marshall JCM800 Combo 1985

    In excellent condition with cover and footswitch, 50 watts, two channels with reverb, great classic Marshall tone in a portable 1x12 format.

    USED £595

  • Supro Royal Reverb

    similar to the Coronado with 2x10 speakers the Royal Reverb has tremolo and reverb plus a switcheable valve rectifier giving 35 watts in class A, 45 watts in Class A/B and 60 watts with the solid state rectifier. Great tone and cool lokks, we really like these Supros, made in New York

    NEW £1349

  • Supro Black Magick Combo

    25 watts all valve power, two channels that can be linked for more gain, tremolo and one 12 inch speaker. Great black and whit estyling with gold control panel. The Black Magick is the hghest gain Supro available, no master volume so you have to crank it to get the power valves distorting. Fantastic tone and responds well whatever guitar you plug into it.

    NEW £1449

  • Hiwatt Hi Gain 50 Head

    All Valve 50 watt, 2 channels with reverb. FX Loop and 4 way Hiwatt Foot switch included. 2 EL34 power valves, 3x ECC83 and 1 ECC81. Works like a 3 channel amp, great clean, crunch and lead tones.

    NEW  £699

  • Tanglewood T6 Acoustic Guitar Amp Combo

    The Tanglewood T6 is a 60 watt acoustic amplifier with true digital reference effects and has inputs and outputs for every professional application. It has a 35mm recessed speaker pole socket.

    NEW £399.99 Reduced to £295

    Comes with free gig bag worth £39.99

  • VOX AC30 1971/72 

    All original with factory fitted Goodmans audiophon speakers. Serviced December 2012, this model has solid state rectifier, grey panel and rotary voltage selector. All the usual AC30 features, 3 channels. Everything works and is one of the best sounding AC30's we've played through!

    USED £950

  • Marshall Lead 20 1980's

    Excellent condition, the big brother to the ever popular Lead 12 combo. These solid state Marshalls sound like a real valve amp and have a creamy distortion tone with lots of harmonic overtones.

    USED £175