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  • Amps

  • Rivera Bonehead 100 watt 

    In excellent condition with footswitch, this one is a prototype built for Europe. 4 EL34 power valves and three channels with boost on each channel, switcheable from 100 watts to 50, 25 and 12 watts. Ex Peter Gabriel and has been cared for very well. This amp will do anything at any volume!

    USED £1095

  • Marshall DSL401 Combo

    In excellent condition with footswitch and padded cover. 40 watts output with two channels and reverb.Classic Marshall clean and drive tones in a portable package.

    USED £395

  • Orange AD-5 Combo

    In good condition, now discontinued, the AD5 is a 5 watt valve amp with volume and tone, classic Orange tone at manageable volume, great for recording and practice.

    USED £250

  • Fender Superchamp 1983

    All original with no mods, completely re-valved with Svetlana valves. Very sought after amp from the Paul Rivera era fender amps of 1982 to 1985. The Superchamp is 18 watts, two channels with clean and drive channels and reverb. Classic Fender clean tone plus the famous fluid drive sound as used by many including Alan Murphy with Go west in the 1980's

    USED £795 on hold for Phil

  • Hughes and Kettner Puretone Head

    Made in Germany, one of the best sounding amps in our opinion, the idea of the Puretone is all valve tone with minimal signal path from guitar pickup to speaker. Two EL34 power tubes and two pre-amp tubes. The Growl control allows you to gradually dial out the EQ section connecting your guitar directly to the amp. One of the best blues rock tones ever. Loud enough to gig with and it lights up blue. These are now dicontinued and becoming very sought after

    USED £795

  • Supro Black Magick Head and Cab

    One of the nicest gig-worthy rigs we've had in the shop, 25 watts, two channels, channel linking options, tremolo. The Black Magick is the recreation of the famed Supro used by Jimmy Page on the early Led Zep albums. The sound is pure classic rock and blues, touch sensitive and an open airey tone that compresses when you turn it up. The cab houses a Supro 12" speaker rated at 8 ohms, run two and its an unbeatable tone.

    NEW Head £1129, Cab £519 each

  • Supro Royal Reverb

    similar to the Coronado with 2x10 speakers the Royal Reverb has tremolo and reverb plus a switcheable valve rectifier giving 35 watts in class A, 45 watts in Class A/B and 60 watts with the solid state rectifier. Great tone and cool lokks, we really like these Supros, made in New York

    NEW £1349

  • Supro Black Magick Combo

    25 watts all valve power, two channels that can be linked for more gain, tremolo and one 12 inch speaker. Great black and whit estyling with gold control panel. The Black Magick is the hghest gain Supro available, no master volume so you have to crank it to get the power valves distorting. Fantastic tone and responds well whatever guitar you plug into it.

    NEW £1299

  • Hiwatt Hi Gain 50 Head

    All Valve 50 watt, 2 channels with reverb. FX Loop and 4 way Hiwatt Foot switch included. 2 EL34 power valves, 3x ECC83 and 1 ECC81. Works like a 3 channel amp, great clean, crunch and lead tones.

    NEW  £699​ Reduced to £400 to clear one left on hold for Mike

  •  Fender Blues Deville 4x10 Tweed

    In good used condition, this is the 4x10 version so plenty of bottom end and sweet midrange, 60 watts, with reverb, two channels and footswitch included

    USED £650 Reduced to £550

  • Blackstar Series 1 200 Head

    Four selected KT88 power valves form the backbone of this 200W high gain power house and provide unbelievable dynamics and head-room. The DPR control allows the power to be reduced down to 20W for beautiful power amp distortion at a much lower volume level.

    The simple preamp section has four world-beating channels (6 modes) which are further augmented by dual ISF controls.

    200 Watt head with built-in DPR power reduction
    4 x ECC83, 1 x ECC82, 4 x KT88 valves
    4 switchable channels
    Clean channel with Warm (Plexi) and Bright (Class A) type modes
    Crunch channel with Crunch and Super Crunch modes
    Two ISF equipped tone control sections
    Presence and resonance controls
    Master Volume
    Series effects loop
    MIDI switching
    Speaker emulated output

    ​Comes with footswitch

    USED £775