Tokai Silverstar 1983

Rare Silverstar in olympic white with rosewood fretboard and black scratchplate, very Ritchie Blackmore, in great condition and comes with non-original tweed case.

USED     £595

Tokai Silverstar Strat, 1979 Black

70's style Strat, all original, great condition, nice neck, plays well and sounds good too, a Seventies strat at less than half the price of a USA guitar

USED  £SOLD Oliver plays me on stage now

side_thing.jpgside_thing.jpgtokai silverstar strat blacktokai silverstar strat black




Tokai Silverstar

1984 Made in Japan, Silverstar in great condition. One-piece maple neck, large headstock with brush script logo, 70's style bridge. Good enough for Stevie Ray Vaughan! Zero fretwear and sounds and plays very well, with that 70's Ritchie Blackmore vibe, plug it into a Marshall and play fast and hard.

£On Hold for Ian


Tokai FB 53 Firebird 2013

New model in vintage tobacco sunburst, two mini-humbuckers, chrome hardware, great playability and fabulous looks. These new Tokai guitars have great build quality just like the old ones from the late 70's and early 80's.

NEW £sold on my way to Trevor

Tokai UALC 53 Black

A beautiful LP Custom replica, ebony finish, gold hardware, two humbuckers and not too heavy or too light. Plays great and looks stunning.

New £429

Tokai Breezy Sound ATE 33

Great build quality and tone and amazing playability, we love these new Tokai guitars. Available in two-tone sunburst with maple neck or three-tone sunburst with rosewood fretboard. Pickups sound great on these T-Types.

New £299

Tokai UES 60 Dot Semi Acoustic

Accurate replicas of you-know-what. Maple top, back and sides, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, two Vintage PAF Mk 4 humbuckers. Solid centre-block, chrome hardware and great tone. These are very, very well-made guitars and sound and play like some of the best semis you can get.

NEW £450

Tokai FB65 Firebird Candy Apple Red / Cardinal Red

A truly stunning guitar, accurate styling, three mini humbuckers, Vibrola and a deep Cardinal Red finish with gold hardware. Fat neck profile like the originals and sounds and plays great. Comes with a deluxe Tokai gigbag

                                       New £599


Tokai ATE33 Breezysound left hand

Alder body, maple neck, treaditional ashtray bridge, great pickups and a lovely blond finish, what's not to like ( if you are left-handed).


Tokai AST33 Springysound Sonic Blue

A real looker this one, lovely sonic blue finish, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, traditional trem and pickups that sound great. A great guitar at a good price.
NEW £299
currently not in stock                                   
webpanel.gifwebpanel.giftokai sg juniortokai sg juniorwebpanel.gif
Tokai SG Junior USGP90JNR

What a great guitar this is, Made in Japan, mahogany body, one-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, wraparound bridge and single P90. Finished in Snow White Nitro-cellulose over a thin poly basecoat.
Fully set up and hard to put down. Comes with a super deluxe Tokai hardcase in embossed black leatherette

NEW £699
Tokai Love Rock Gold Top UALS50GT

Super cool Love Rock Gold Top, alder body and maple neck, rosewood fretboard. Two P90 pickups that sound very good, set up and plays great.

NEW £SOLD Pete plays me all the time now
webpanel.giftokai firebird juniortokai firebird juniorwebpanel.gifwebpanel.giflh tokai lplh tokai lpwebpanel.giftokai vtokai v
Tokai  Firebird Junior FB45 JNR

Another rare and uber-cool Firebird Junior, this one is  finished in cherry sunburst, single mini-humbucker at the bridge, alder body, maple neck, well balanced and set up to play perfectly.

NEW two in stock

Tokai FV95 Flying V

Made in Japan, this is a superb guitar, lightweight mahogany two-piece body, one-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, Finished in transparent cherry red Nitro-cellulose over a thin poly basecoat. Two Japanese made PAF Mk2 pickups with vintage tone and output. Not only one of the best V's we've played but one of the best guitars

Comes with a deluxe Tokai padded gigbag

NEW £sold Cliff took me home to live with him and his Gibson faded V
Tokai Love Rock ALS48 Left Hand

A fabulous looking guitar with a nice flame maple veneer on a solid maple top. Alder body and maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Made in China and excellent Tokai attention to quality throughout, two PAF Vintage Mk4 pickups. Finished in tobacco sunburst


Tokai Silverstar 1983 Sunburst

A 30+ year old guitar in near mint condition. This is a great Silverstar with a lovely authentic three colour sunburst and a superb maple neck with large headstock. There are slight scuff marks on the scratchplate from plectrum contact but apart from that you would think it is new. These Silverstars were never imported into the UK and were made for the Japanese domestic market only. They are accurate renditions of the seventies Stratocaster and have great sounding pickups and solid construction. This one comes with a Hiscox hardcase where it appears to have spent most of its' life so far.

USED £Sold Keith looks after me now
Tokai ES335 Replica Made in Korea

In excellent condition a very nice cherry red dot, made in Korea 1990's. Maple body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard. Decent sounding PAF style pickups and plays very well. Correct headstock style, comes with new Gator brown hardcase.



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Tokai AST33 Springysound Fiesta Red

A real looker this one, lovely Fiesta Red finish, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, traditional trem and pickups that sound great. A great guitar at a good price.
NEW £299